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This is a reply to a user asking how to create a moving/scrolling floor. The question has already been deleted by the user, but this does not stop me from answering it!

To find out which properties make the effect work choose ADD - SIGN TO NON-DEFAULT PROPERTIES in the SETTINGS > GENERAL OPTIONS dialog. This tells you exactly which properties I have touched.

Download media files (17.9 KB)

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Thanks guys,

I deleted my question because I came up with something I could work with and wanted to post the show when finished. I am almost done, but I am having issues with the point lights lighting multiple textures in different positions. I will post it soon.

Elect1, 12 years ago

Here is the video of part of the project i'm working on. What is the best way to have a picture layer cast a shadow? Moving a point light in the proper position? Also, I notice that when using the reflective floor gradient effect, there is a shadow that is present on the border of the picture layer file. You can move it around with the rotate property, but not get rid of it. I really need to take advantage of the not so straight forward abilities of BT!!! I like the show posted and how "space" can be created with picture files and the drop menus.

Elect1, 12 years ago

Here is the reflection gradient part of the video.

Elect1, 12 years ago

You can make a point light layer cast shadows by setting the SHADOW INTENSITY property to a non-zero value.

More info about shadows can be found in the user guide:

michiel, 12 years ago

Michael, what about the black reflection on the right hand edge of the monitor? It is from the reflection gradient effect. I rotated it and this is the least it would show up. The border is a picture file with a bevel.

Elect1, 12 years ago

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