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michiel | 14 years ago | 3 comments | 3 likes | 5,390 views

paula, Ulli and Tester like this!

The sketch layer can be used to add sparkles to persons or other objects in photos.

I've loaded the photo as a background picture in Bixelangelo and traced the silhouette of the Alien by hand.

The Silhouette.EPS file created by Bixelangelo is imported into BluffTitler with the menu item LAYER / ADD SKETCH LAYER...

The sparkles are added to to sketch layer with the menu item LAYER / ATTACH PARTICLES TO CURRENT LAYER...

I've made the sketch layer itself invisible by setting the TRANSPARENCY property to 1.

Download media files (85.5 KB)

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Toller Effect, Michiel. Ich habe schon wieder einige Ideen, was ich damit alles machen kann (z. B. zu Weihnachten)!

Ulli, 14 years ago

Blink,blink,blink... Auf die Einfaelle von Ulli bin ich gespannt.

carlo, 14 years ago

The combination of the photo and the sparks make it look almost real! Great way to make normal things look cool!
Also a pretty easy way ;)

Tukkermando, 14 years ago

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