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michiel | 12 years ago | 16 comments | 9 likes | 6,056 views

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Version introduces ornamental decorations!

You can select the new ORNAMENTS effect with the 3th dropdown below the textbox in the text layer.

As always, the effect comes to life with the right texture and FX file. We have made a preset to make it easier to use:
1) press the NEW SHOW button
2) press the ATTACH BORDER TO ACTIVE LAYER... button and choose the ORGANIC ORNAMENTS 1 preset

This creates a new text layer attached to the active layer. Select this new layer and examine its properties, texture and FX to find out how it works.

Two important things when using ornaments:
-the texture must be square and the ornament must start from the centre of the texture, growing upwards. Take a look at the texture the preset is using.
-to prevent Z-fighting it's best to use the NotLightened_NoZWrite.fx effect file.


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Thx Michiel!:)

LostBoyz, 12 years ago

I can not believe.
this is incredible
thank you very much michiel

maitegras, 12 years ago

cool! this is unbelievable

bylaw, 12 years ago

I wanna have the things you are smoking these days. Incredible.


henryklein, 12 years ago

Realmente precioso. Efecto muy vistoso. Solicitaria a Michiel realizar mas tipos de ornamentos

JOSE LUIS, 12 years ago

Sweet, thank you very much. This is a great enhancement.

puffd, 12 years ago

Thanks you Michiel for these new attached layers.

vincent, 12 years ago

is it right, that i can not change the attributes over the time?

mrbernd, 12 years ago

You can animate the DECORATION SIZE property by unmarking the ALL KEYS checkbox.

michiel, 12 years ago

yes, thats it. thank you.

mrbernd, 12 years ago

Fantastic, well done.

Yousef, 12 years ago

Is it possible to add my own decorative elements. For example could I make a copy of your preset and change the file name to another PNG? I tried it and it didn't show up in the list when I "added to the border."

Dick, 12 years ago

Yes. Press the CHANGE TEXTURE... button to replace the texture with your own texture.

You can turn your own layer settings (including your own texture) into a preset by choosing the menu item PRESET > SAVE PRESET AS... After that it shows up in the list.

Make sure you select the attached text layer. Press F9 to find out which texture the active layer is using.

michiel, 12 years ago

Has anyone thought of any creative modifications to this feature? I'm wondering how I would use it.

JimH, 12 years ago

e molto bello

alvaro, 12 years ago

I haven't hit the tip of the iceberg yet with what I though I could do with this thing. I used to waste so much time with Boris or AfterFX battling the interface and poor performance. BluffTitler has proven to be a stellar performer and has become an essential part of our production workflow here.

epontbriand, 11 years ago

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