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michiel | 11 years ago | 5 comments | 5 likes | 7,048 views

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I have created a 3D sketch of a spiral that can be used to wrap text around a picture.

Bixelangelo can't create 3D sketches so I have written a script to generate the sketch.

Thanks to Okpulot Taha for the idea!

Download media files (8.1 KB)

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But how can we build our 3d sketches like this?

SamSaam, 11 years ago

Great, Cool, Nagyon jo!:)

LostBoyz, 11 years ago

Very nice. Well done.

hidalgo, 11 years ago

SamSaam, I have written a special application to generate this 3D spiral sketch. Since your mouse is a 2D device it's impossible to record 3D sketches the way the current version of Bixelangelo works.

Yousef has published a tool to generate 3D sketches:

michiel, 11 years ago

I am working on Mathsketch2. I am hoping it will be much simpler. You define the formula of x, y and z. I am aiming to release it before the new year.

Yousef, 11 years ago

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