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I've used a special font in combination with the ADDITIVE REFLECTION MAPPED effect of the text layer to create a neon sign.

I've set the SPACING property to 0 to make the letters connect to each other. The link to the font is below.

Download media files (801 bytes)1001fonts.com...

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With the TUBE effect (2nd dropdown listbox) in combination with a huge bevel (the BEVEL property controls the diameter of the tubes) it's possible to create a neon effect with any font.

michiel, 17 years ago

Nice but can you make the neon tubes flicker and change colour like a faulty neon sign?

lynton, 17 years ago

I've tried to make them flicker 4 times by animating the COLOUR property. Maybe the effect was too subtle to be noticed. Or maybe I should have let the text flicker continuously by using a lot more keyframes.

Note that you can see that the COLOUR property is animated because it has a plus symbol (+) added to the property name.

michiel, 17 years ago

Of course you can add flicker. And with a bit of sound effect trickery, the magic would be complete. Nice one. Easy but extremely effective!!!

uncle, 17 years ago


coob, 15 years ago

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