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michiel | 6 years ago | 29 comments | 17 likes | 3,847 views

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The text and scroller layers of version 13.5 fully support the Unicode emoji standard.

Using emoji in your 3D titles has never been easier: simply paste them from a site like into the textbox of your text and scroller layers. That's all?

For more info visit the updated user guide:

Other new features of 13.5:
-optimized 2D renderer (from GDI to Direct2D). This greatly improves the responsiveness of the GUI and even the render speed for simple shows!
-new text layer property: TEXTURE MAPPING. This determines the way the texture is mapped onto your text.
-CUSTOM FOLDER option in SETTINGS > OPTIONS... dialog. When used, an extra button is added in the upper right corner of the file dialog for quick access.
-new keyboard shortcut: CONTROL H copies the rotation property of the camera to the active layer

Version 13.5 is a free update and can be downloaded from the download page:

A BIG ?? to all honest users for making this new version possible ?

Looking forward to see what you can do with the ??????????☕????????????????!!!

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It gives me an error when installing.

Most of the folders of shows are empty.

snafu, 6 years ago

E U R E K A ! !

Thank you to all the Outerspace staff !!

Franco Aversa, 6 years ago

Snafu, that's strange.... some ideas:

-maybe you have not closed BluffTitler before running the installer: always close an app before updating/upgrading.

-or maybe you have installed the new version in a different folder than the old version and are still looking at the old folder. Click on the RESET ALL button in the SETTINGS > OPTIONS dialog to reset all paths BluffTitler uses.

If this does not help, what is the exact and full error message?

michiel, 6 years ago

You can also type the emoji's directly from the onscreen touch keyboard in the text edit box with Windows10.

komies, 6 years ago

Thank you michiel for this nice update even if I do not take advantage of it completely with my old Windows 7 (emoji not colored)

vincent, 6 years ago

Great tip Komies, I did not know this.

I already found a few emoji that do not work in Bluff. Maybe they are non-standard? Or maybe Windows only? The reason is not really important because they can easily be added in a next version. Thanks!

michiel, 6 years ago

Vincent, in Windows 7 the custom emoji are coloured: right click on an emoji in the MEDIA > CHANGE TEXT... dialog.

michiel, 6 years ago

Hi michiel, do you man like this :

vincent, 6 years ago

☉??A great and innovative work indicates that there is another quality surprise in the program in the coming days ....
michiel work is very cool?❄❄❄
?Now I imagine the great future...???

Sma, 6 years ago

Muy bien Michel, Ha sido una buena idea

persiana, 6 years ago

thanks Michiel for having inserted my idea of the camera rotation copy command,
even though I did not understand why you can not even copy the position with another command.
however, this command is of great help !

The Emoji are wonderful !!

Franco Aversa, 6 years ago

Thank you Michiel :)

chaver, 6 years ago

?? Simple and fabricated errors are helpful in helping to answer in advance the following problems we may encounter ???????Do not worry ????

Sma, 6 years ago

Would you show us how you pull up the the onscreen touch keyboard in the text edit box with Windows10? I am operating with Windows 10 and just installed the latest version of BT.

MrGruntHunter, 6 years ago

click on the toolbar and choose "show virtual keyboard"
Then near the clock on toolbar, you have a keyboard icon.

Franco Aversa, 6 years ago

That's correct Franco

There is a link in that article.
Here it is again.

komies, 6 years ago

@Dani have you tried the Segoe Ui Emoji Font?

komies, 6 years ago

Neat, Thanks Franco. I didn't realize that feature existed.

Question: Do you know where those emojs are installed and can you add more there from the website that Michiel provided the link for or are they just built into Windows 10?

MrGruntHunter, 6 years ago


Something for you to read. ?

komies, 6 years ago

Is possible also copy and paste from a website...

like this
or this

Franco Aversa, 6 years ago

Interesting read Komies. Thanks for sharing :-)
Just to show my age ;-) LOL

MrGruntHunter, 6 years ago

is possible use stencil shadow or project shadow?
how do you get the shadow?


Franco Aversa, 6 years ago

Dani...Totally Correct..???

Sma, 6 years ago

This is an great update - thank you so much, Michiel and Team!

Ulli, 6 years ago

Great software upgrade! BluffTitler_13.5???????

liuyongcai, 6 years ago

Great update already learn it my way: Trial and error.
Is there a special format and file type for an emoji?

Filip, 6 years ago

Thank you all for your enthusiastic feedback!

Vincent, yes using company logos is a good way to abuse the emoji, but I'm sure you can be more creative than that ?‍?

Franco, the screenshot uses projected shadows:

MrGruntHunter and Filip, the emoji are stored in the Segoe UI Emoji font. You can select the emoji font BluffTitler uses in the SETTINGS > OPTIONS... dialog.

Thanks again. Enjoy playing with the emoji ?

michiel, 6 years ago

Thank you, Michiel.

Franco Aversa, 6 years ago

This is fantastic! Blufftitler is magical. Thank you Michiel.

Jesus, 6 years ago

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