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michiel | 17 years ago | 15 comments | 9 likes | 8,071 views

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I'm intrigued, begeistert by Ulli's Unterschrift animation. I love the idea, but I think there must be a better, more flexible and less memory consuming way to implement it. Preferably without having to develop lots of new technology.

Here's a pixel shader solution. As always it uses a specially prepared texture with a matching effect file to bring it to life.

The textures are a bit tricky, I had to write a custom paint program to create them. This tool is not included, but I'll try to make a releasable version of this sketcher-texture creation tool soon!

Download media files (151.5 KB)

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What I forgot to say: this effect requires a graphics card that supports pixel shader 2.0

Have fun!

michiel, 17 years ago

That is just too cool! I've seen other programs (big $$) that do that type of thing. BT just keeps getting better and more versatile. Looking forward to the sketcher texture creator

kf_daddy, 17 years ago

Its so excellent, Michiel!

Ulli, 17 years ago

I look forward to the paint program. This will be another excellent addition to BluffTitler!

DeanO, 17 years ago

Would be a wonderful addition to BluffTitler!

DaDa, 17 years ago

Great Effect!! I'm looking for this effect and the software for build it. Can you tell me where can I find it ? Thanks

Fabio Russo, 17 years ago

Absolutely perfect!!!
In german: Schweinegeil!!!

I would also like to see this feature inside bluff titler...

abcodie, 17 years ago

absolutely fantastic!!!
how can i create the png files with the writing on them without taking too long about it?

matty, 17 years ago

Very nice ...
Please let us know when your Paint Program is available, hopefully it can be a feature inside Bluff Titler.

skier, 17 years ago

Hi all,
I'm new to this whole member zone, so bear with me. But this is some fantastic work I see here! Thank you, people at Blufftitler! I'm a Graphic Designer from London and I've been looking for a piece of software that does this kind of thing, and here it is. This Sketcher-thing looks intriguing too - I wonder when will this hit the market?

Looks legendary,

taco, 17 years ago

Michiel, you never cease to amaze me...terrific !!!

TKDDAD, 17 years ago

I must get into using BT more often, this program is ting beter and better. The text writing capability would be very welcome.

alanMAC, 17 years ago

Thank you all for your enthousiasm, this is the kind of feedback that keeps us going!!!

What we are working on right now is better antialiasing quality (less jaggies) and spline control (smooth curves). Everything is going well and with a bit of luck the sketch map paint program will be released within a week, so stay tuned!

michiel, 17 years ago

I liked the "rawness" of the sketching. It added a bit of charm to the effect if that's the right word to use. But smoother curves would be good for doing signatures so maybe the ability to adjust the anti-aliasing and/or spline control would be a plus in the program.

kf_daddy, 17 years ago

The tool can be found here:

michiel, 17 years ago

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