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michiel | 16 years ago | 11 comments | 10 likes | 25,239 views

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Here's a nice high res soccer ball texture + bump map. Select the picture layer and press F9 to find out how it's done.

The mathematical name for a soccer ball is a truncated icosahedron. It has 90 edges, 60 vertices and 32 faces: 20 white hexagons and 12 black pentagons. Oh, and the Dutch name is voetbal!

Download media files (157.5 KB)

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Don't forget to set the program to high quality mode (with the menu item SETTINGS / HIGH QUALITY) or else the ball will look like it's getting flat.

michiel, 16 years ago

Those lop-sided globes seem like a long time ago, huh? The ball is completely round, although I have my graphic card settings for Direct3D and OpenGL at absolute lowest level ("maximale leistung"). Nice ball and lettering.

Thomasco, 16 years ago

Klasse! Vielen Dank fr diese Textur. Ich habe bisher
vergeblich versucht solch einen Fuball zu zeichnen.
Nun kann die WM losgehen.

carlo, 16 years ago

Wirklich Spitzenklasse, hast du vielleicht auch einen Tennisball ?

hubsy, 16 years ago

I downloaded this expecting to see this nice quality pic with the shadows and it looked cheesy and flat. I hit F9 and it said something about my graphics card not being powerful enough. Does this mean if I have Vertex Shader and Pixel Shader that I will get that photo-realistic look like the thumbnail picture that goes with this?

jeff, 16 years ago

The answer is yes. If your graphics card does not support pixel shader 2.0 this animation does not look as good as it can be.

michiel, 16 years ago

I've created this picture on a NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT set to maximum image quality.

michiel, 16 years ago

After seeing all these globe animations one thing I can seem to get is how you set the text to hide behind the globe? Please help.

AriRoth, 15 years ago

Maybe your picture layer (that is used for rendering the globe) is set to 3D IN BACKGROUND mode (2nd dropdown below the text box)

If this is true, it is indeed impossible to place anything behind the globe. Using the 3D IN 3D SPACE mode will solve the problem.

michiel, 15 years ago


I really like this effect, but how can I easily change the soccer ball into say a waterpolo ball or a baseball?

SoCal Chris, 14 years ago

Turbosquid has a nice baseball:

michiel, 14 years ago

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