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michiel | 11 years ago | 14 comments | 15 likes | 9,837 views

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A few screenshots of experiments with multiple viewports. All layouts have 4 views: top, front, left and perspective.

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Nothing but solid gold there Michiel!!! Sweet!

BillyJack, 11 years ago

I have been frozen. This new feature can save time of composition.
for much of my work I had to move the camera a few times to see if everything was ok.
with this function and you will not need to move the camera.
Does this really possible?

maitegras, 11 years ago

fantastic!marvellous! great! extraordinary! unbelievable!
1 million points for this article!!!!!

sebouze, 11 years ago

Hi Michiel

Will you be able to move text / layers around in each separate viewport? That would be great.

JackWhite, 11 years ago

Fantastic! Would love to see the option to have 2 or 4 view ports.

Jackwhite, I think these would only be different views of the same stage to give you a different perspective. So if you move an object in one window it also moves in the other window(s)

kf_daddy, 11 years ago


Vanlen, 11 years ago

Very useful feature. Thanks Michiel.

vincent, 11 years ago

Go Michiel!

JimH, 11 years ago

I love Bluffy with all amazing features!

Ulli, 11 years ago

without wishing to be greedy - when do we get to try it?? (and I bet you are not surprised by the question...)

stbo, 11 years ago


PODER VIRTUAL, 11 years ago

fantastic can not wait you can use:)

Carlos Marques, 11 years ago

Yes, he can! :o)

mrbernd, 11 years ago

This is what was missing, excellent way to go Michiel!

rudemartini, 11 years ago

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