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michiel | 4 years ago | 8 comments | 9 likes | 1,305 views

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Here's a concept that every BluffTitler user should understand.

It is not something that we have invented, but this is how modern graphics hardware works.

Everything that is rendered needs 3 things:

1) A mesh

The is a list of triangles. Every layer in BluffTitler creates the mesh in a different way. For example, the picture layer creates a rectangle out of 2 triangles. And the text layer creates hundreds of triangles out of a TrueType glyph.

2) A texture

This is a photo, a video, your webcam or any other bitmap. In BluffTitler you set the texture of the active layer in the MEDIA > CHANGE TEXTURE... dialog.

3) An effect

The effect contains the shader. A shader is a simple app that runs on your graphics card. In BluffTitler you set the effect of the active layer in the MEDIA > CHANGE EFFECT... dialog. Notice that you can, conveniently, set the texture in the very same dialog!

BluffTitler uploads the mesh, the texture and the effect to the video memory of your graphics card and says: please render.

Your graphics card does the hard work: it uses the mesh, the texture, the effect and renders the result on the screen.

That's it. BluffTitler is so fast because it stays close to the metal!

Download media files (143.3 KB)

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It's important to realize that any combination is possible: any mesh can be used with any texture and any effect. Some combination won't produce useful results, but technically it is perfectly ok. Don't be afraid to experiment!

Here's another example.

michiel, 4 years ago

Great presentation !!

translated into Italian and with the possibility of inserting writings on the circles.

Franco Aversa, 4 years ago

Thank you Franco!

michiel, 4 years ago

it is a pleasure, it's a great idea, a clear and quick representation of how BluffTitler works.
Then is possible add an circle with other effect textures (like reflectionmap texture)

Franco Aversa, 4 years ago

I think especially for beginners (and of course also for advanced users) is this great presentation very helpful.

Ulli, 4 years ago

Concept simple clair et net , merci Michiel

PAT67, 4 years ago

Thnx Michiel. Even I understand it.

Filip, 4 years ago

Merci Michiel pour ces explications.

Alex-Raymond T., 4 years ago

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