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michiel | 15 years ago | 3 comments | 3 likes | 8,233 views

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BluffTitler features 2 spline types: Bezier and Overhauser. You can set them with the dropdown listbox next to the layers listbox (below the CHANGE FONT... button)

This picture explains the differences between the 2 splines.

As you can see, the Bezier spline (yellow) only respects the first and the last keyframe and everything in between is smoothed out.

The Overhauser spline (red) goes through all the keyframes and exaggerates the curve.

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Thanks for the explanation. It will be very powerfull for one of my future animation !

Philou_14, 15 years ago

Having that option will add a lot more functionality to BT.

kf_daddy, 15 years ago

This is a great visual.
Remember when using Overhauser spline to place your final key frame at the ends of your timeline else the algorithm will try to predict a point out in space beyond your last keyframe.

JimH, 15 years ago

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