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michiel | a year ago | 25 comments | 12 likes | 1,350 views

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On this screenshot you can see 3 suggested new picture layer styles:
-rounded cube

Of course, any shape can be imported with the model layer, but built-in models save time, disk space and money!

Are there any other shapes that you would like to have?

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Cone, Pyramid (3, 4 ,6 sides), Prism (3,5,6 sides) Maybe a slider to set the sides ( Spacing third slider?).
Ball different types (soccer, volleyball, tennis).

Is it possible to add to the balloon shape the possibility of a movable constriction. In this way you can simulate the underside of the balloon.

Filip, a year ago

The same as Filip has written. I would like the know-how to built models like those shown. I have enough time to spend 'cause we are still in "confinement" for the third time for about 10 days ( may be more, I'm

Eddy, a year ago

For the additional models, I confine my little comrades, and I suppose that Filip means by mobile shrinkage, to be able to simulate the valave of the balloon. It will be perfect.
Well done and thank you Michiel!

Alex-Raymond T., a year ago

Eddy, 3D models are created with 3D modeling software, which is notoriously complex. The idea of BluffTitler is to simplify this. The text layer creates 3D models out of fonts and the picture layer offers a collection of built-in models.

If you want to dive into the world of 3D modelling, Wikipedia has a list of apps:

michiel, a year ago

Maybe it is possible to create styles that have one open side? A box, a bowl a simple way to create a present with lid.

Filip, a year ago

great! michiel

liuyongcai, a year ago

New shapes are always a good thing. If it is not too complex to implement maybe a diamond shape could be great.

vincent, a year ago

Oh, we have an balloon. Great and thank you!

Ulli, a year ago

Bonjour mon BT est à jour 15.2 je l'ai désinstallé puis réinstallé
et je n'ai pas les 3 nouveaux styles de calque d'image
suggérés : -cube arrondi

Que faire ?

PAT67, a year ago

Attendre 15.2.1. Salut Patrick, je ne crois pas que michiel ait déjà implémenté ces nouvelles formes.

vincent, a year ago

Merci Vincent pour cet éclaircissement

PAT67, a year ago

Thank you all for your suggestions!

The pyramid and cone morph your faces horribly.

The diamond is also difficult to texture, but looks great with a cubemap!

At the bottom you can see a potato chip. The mathematical name is a hyperbolic paraboloid. It looks great with a normalmap. It's simple and fun and is something you do not see as a standard shape in other 3D apps, so that's something we can make a difference with!

michiel, a year ago

Great, looking forward to the next release.
Kan we use this "models" also as particles?

Filip, a year ago

Look great.

vincent, a year ago

Filip, the particle layer accepts 3D model files. The installer comes with a demo:

michiel, a year ago

The best should be to add holes in the built-in shapes or even in the characters of a text

Jeep35, a year ago

The picture layer in the next version will have a 3D STAR style that is based on the 5 platonic solids.

With the 3 sliders of the STAR property you can create lots of interesting shapes, including the basic dodecahedron, stars based on the dodecahedron, but also morph it into its dual shape the icosahedron!

michiel, a year ago

Nice...can't wait..

Filip, a year ago

great! michiel .Nice...can't wait.

liuyongcai, a year ago

A capsule can be created with a text layer.

Use the letter J, a suitable font and the HORIZONTALLY REVOLVED style.

michiel, a year ago

Good way, great. Thank you!Michiel

liuyongcai, a year ago

Version 15.3 has been launched today:

michiel, a year ago

very nice. Thanks Michiel, much appreciated.

Rorysee, a year ago

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