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michiel | 15 years ago | 4 comments | 5 likes | 6,159 views

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I've created 14 balloons out of a single balloon by setting the TEXTURE REPEAT property of the picture layer to 13.

The text has been made fit by using the FIXED SPACE composition (dropdown below textbox) and by fine tuning the FONT SIZE and SPACING properties.

The floating balloons have been created with the particle layer and have been made transparent with the TRANSPARENCY property.

Download media files (73.5 KB)

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It is great for a birthday animation!

Da bist Du mir ja zuvor gekommen, Michiel. Bastel auch gerade an einer Animation mit Luftballons.

Ulli, 15 years ago

Hast du etwas Zeit fur mich
Dann mache ich eine Animation fur dich
Von neunundneunzig Luftballons
Auf ihrem Weg zum Horizont
Denkst du vielleicht g'rad an mich
Mache ich eine Animation fur dich
Von neunundneunzig Luftballons
Und das so was von sowas kommt

michiel, 15 years ago

WOW! You are a poet, Michiel!

It is great: a song of Nena and a rhyme of Michiel! :)

99 red balloons... lalalala

Ulli, 15 years ago

Michiel mache mal los,diese Ani will ich sehen.

Rauscher, 15 years ago

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