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michiel | a year ago | 9 comments | 14 likes | 2,022 views

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This new effect generates a fake chord diagram, which is commonly used for data visualizations.

Just like the ProceduralTextures\ControlPanel effect, it tries to impress with lots of fake, confusing data. As if you're a dark operator monitoring the world 😉

The new effect is not yet part of the installer, but is included in the ZIP. Place it next to the other ControlPanel effects in the following folder:

Apply it to a picture layer using a square picture.

5 example shows are included to get you started. What can you do with it?

UPDATE: since version 15.5, the effect is part of the installer and can be found in the Effects\ProceduralTextures folder.

Download media files (61.1 KB)

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In the screenshot, the included show is rendered on a 3D model of the Screens pack.

This technique is explained here:

michiel, a year ago

Merci Michiel cet effet ajoute une belle dynamique

PAT67, a year ago

Great.Thank you Michiel

chaver, a year ago

Nice ! Thnx, going to play with the new cfx!

Filip, a year ago

Great effect Michiel, I also like the properties you can set because they allow you to do a lot with this effect.

Franco Aversa, a year ago

Wow, what a great effect! Thank you very much, Michiel!

Ulli, a year ago

I have made a little test. 😃

Ulli, a year ago

Nice picture Ulli! I'd love to see the video. Please consider posting it as a new article!

michiel, a year ago

Thank you very much, Michiel!
And yes, I will make a video. 🎬🎥

Ulli, a year ago

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