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michiel | a month ago | 17 comments | 10 likes | 376 views

LostBoyz, liuyongcai, Ulli and 7 others like this!

The MEDIA > Change glyph... dialog, introduced in the ULTIMATE edition of version 15, is very powerful.

It allows you to change the glyphs of a text layer. In this screenshot, the glyph of the < character has been replaced by a fancy wing.

When you enter "<Bluff" in the textbox in the tool window, < is now rendered as this wing! It is fully part of your text and uses all effects you apply to your text.

And it automatically moves when you change the text: it really is part of your text. This makes it it super useful for templates!

Preview checkbox

The size and position of the glyph can be set in the MEDIA > Change glyph... dialog.

This always took a lot of time of trial and error because you had to close the dialog to see the result. In version, launched today, you can find a PREVIEW checkbox. When you mark this box, the 3D render window is updated every time you make a change. This saves a lot of time!

Download version

As always the latest version can be downloaded from the download page:

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Have I already said that the MEDIA > Change glyph... dialog is super powerful?

We're currently working on a new BixPack to exploit this power.

A preview can be seen at 03:34 in this promo vid.

We keep you informed in this community!

michiel, a month ago

Here's another example, including the show files:

michiel, a month ago

Thank you Michiel, the improvements/enhancements just keep coming. Cheers John

Pioneer, a month ago

GREAT - thank you

Franco Aversa, a month ago

Very powerful to create logos.

vincent, a month ago

Great Michiel. Thank you

chaver, a month ago

Thanks: michiel, great upgrade version!

liuyongcai, a month ago

Merci Michiel je viens de faire un essai , en effet c'est très pratique

PAT67, a month ago

Thank you all!

michiel, a month ago

Muy bien, Michiel
Muchas gracias

persiana, a month ago

Amazing update..thank you Michiel..

Dani, a month ago

thanks michiel. much appreciated. this opens many doors to be creative. i am going t play around with this as i understand it this is waht we have been asking for for some time. = we can use glyphs as shapes this means it can be anything you want and the treatment will be like a font.

Rorysee, a month ago

This makes creating a logo very easy.
Thank you very much, Michiel!

Ulli, a month ago

I used picture to get this glyph style. Great wonders we can achieve through this .. Wow what a great update.. I am working on it..

Dani, 3 weeks ago


Dani, 3 weeks ago


Dani, 3 weeks ago

would it possible to add " horizontal position" and character size properties to adjust the size of the glyph ( it would be great in that dialog box to add the slider options so that we can easily move them) .. so that we can easily place them where ever we want.. just my thought...

"Great wonders we can achieve through this"

Dani, 3 weeks ago

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