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michiel | a month ago | 15 comments | 18 likes | 840 views

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Bixelangelo 5.2 introduces the spaghetti tool.

It generates a 3D vector file for use in the sketch layer of BluffTitler. In the above review video, Franco Aversa demonstrates how it works!

Not only spaghetti

When testing it turned out to be a very versatile tool. Other names we considered: Mummy tool, Creeper tool, Hedera tool, Rope tool, Snake tool, Strangler tool,... 😁

Take a look at the video, Franco shows some great examples!


Download the latest version of Bixelangelo with the spaghetti tool here:

User guide

The user guide has been updated:

Free upgrade

Bixelangelo 5.2 is a fee upgrade. For new users we currently offer a 20% discount:


The latest version of BluffTitler features a few small improvements that make the Bixleangelo generated sketches look extra great, so make sure to install this latest version:

BluffTitler is a fee upgrade from version 16.0. For upgrades from older versions and for new users we currently offer a 20% discount:

Have fun

Enjoy the spaghetti tool. Buon appetito!

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Cool .Thank you Michiel.And thank you Franco for the tutorial

chaver, a month ago

Thank you michiel, can't wait to try. E un Oscar per Franco il grande pastaio!

vincent, a month ago

Thanks Michiel it's awesome.....
Franco: You're the best

Filip, a month ago

Thanks everyone, it's actually an imitation of the famous italian actor Alberto Sordi..

notice that I took the kitchen, removed the actor and replaced it with myself 🤣

Built the dish in Blender, imported it as GLB into BluffTitler where I was able to arrange it with the right perspective, and use the new spaghetti tool, then make everything black and white...I left the writing in color to create attention and contrast.

Franco Aversa, a month ago

Good afternoon to all. Can I just run the Bixelangelo 5.2 update and it will overwrite my previous version of Bixelangelo. Or do I have to uninstall the previous version first please? Cheers John Added...Nice to see EPS support for Affinity Designer, cannot wait to try this out.

Pioneer, a month ago

Yes, run the Bixelangelo 5.2 update and it will overwrite your previous version of Bixelangelo.

Franco Aversa, a month ago

It's so awesome. Thank you times a million.

Decentralized, a month ago

Thank you all!

michiel, a month ago

Merci Michiel. this is going to be amazing ....much appreciated

Rorysee, a month ago

Oh, this is an awesome Addition!
And big thanks to Franco for his great tutorial!

Ulli, a month ago

E' fantastico, stuzzica molto la fantasia.
Molto apprezzato il tutoril di Franco.

nonnogio, a month ago

Thanks Michiel it's awesome.....

liuyongcai, a month ago

Wow!!! update from Bixelangelo 5.2 .....the spaghetti tool.

Dani, a month ago

Des spaghettis à la sauce BluffTitler, çà c'est super ! Merci Michiel.
Spaghetti with BluffTitler sauce, that’s great! Thank you Michiel.

Alex-Raymond T., a month ago


Franco Aversa, a month ago

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