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bylaw and tigre like this!

Version 8.07 introduces the LIGHT BULBS font effect. This can be used to create nice carnival and marquee sign effects.

You can select the LIGHT BULBS effect with the 3th dropdown below the textbox.

Another option is to press the ATTACH BORDER TO ACTIVE LAYER... button and selecting the LIGHT BULBS preset.

The amount of bulbs can be set with the DECORATION DENSITY property.

The size and positions of the bulbs can be set with the DECORATION SIZE property.

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Really Nice light bulbs.
Can we have this effect on an image.
The current LightBulbsMarqueeSign_PS3.fx is not as good looking as this one.

bylaw, 13 years ago

How does one get different color bulbs like in your example?

JimH, 13 years ago

bylaw, you can use the EPS layer to add bulbs to an image. You can find some rectangular eps shapes in the Media / EPS folder.

michiel, 13 years ago

JimH, you can use the Marquee Lights FXs to animate the colours of the bulbs:


michiel, 13 years ago

thank Michiel. EPS is OK but give me two row of light blubs.
possible to have a parameter slider to option of single row of light blubs

bylaw, 13 years ago

You an easily create as many light bulb rows as you want:

-clone the light bulbs layer
-adjust the DECORATION SIZE property

michiel, 13 years ago

This effect can be exploited to room lighting, as a nightclub
Michiel said to duplicate the layer, for many threads of music.
I've thought about putting in a (font) that has several threads, so in this way
You will not need to have so many layers.
a picture and let (font)
install the (font) and then open BluffTitler, when you select the text on this (font)
press the letter Z


maitegras, 13 years ago

Thank to Michiel and maitegras. I pondered upon the right eps to give a single row lightblubs. I have been trying to
do a discolight dance floor effect and maybe the bmp font
with lightdiscs can do the trick. Just got to experiment.

bylaw, 13 years ago

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