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Here's a clock created out of 4 picture layers (the face and the 3 hands) and 12 text layers (the 12 numbers).

If you wonder how I managed to rotate the hands around the centre of the clock, take a look at the included hand.png picture.

Thanks to Mark for the idea!

Download media files (2.4 KB)

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very interesting well done

james nahar, 15 years ago

Good job!

Ulli, 15 years ago

So you could actually change the pivot point of any object by how it's located on the canvas. Wherever it's located in relation to the center of the canvas would determine how it rotates. Would that work with eps files too?

Any plans to add a moveable pivot point in future upgrades?

kf_daddy, 15 years ago

The pivot point of the hand texture is still in the centre, but because one half of the texture is transparent it LOOKS as if the pivot point is at the edge.

Maybe this trick works with the EPS layer as well by using a transparent texture.

Alternatively you can create an FX file that does the trick.

michiel, 15 years ago

Beautiful & useful. Thanks Michiel.

vincent, 13 years ago

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