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The EMISSION property of the particle layer controls the number of new particles that are created ("emitted") per second. So for example if you set this property to 10, every second 10 new particles are created. The higher the EMISSION, the more particles.

Another property that affects the number of particles is the MAXIMUM AGE. This sets the flight duration in seconds. For example if you set the MAXIMUM AGE property to 1, the new particles only live for 1 second. So the higher the MAXIMUM AGE, the more particles.

You can fool around with those 2 properties until you see something that you like. Problem with this is that next time you open your show it can take a few seconds before the desired number of particles has been reached. For example with an EMMISSION of 10 and a MAXIMUM AGE of 6, it takes 6 seconds before the equilibrium of 6x10=60 particles has been reached.

If you do not like this, you can use the new MIN/MAX PARTICLES property (introduced in version 10.1). The 1st slider controls the minimum number of particles and the 2nd the maximum. This gives you a better control over the number of particles, right from the start of your show. You can quickly test this functionality by reloading the show by pressing F5.

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