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michiel | 6 years ago | 7 comments | 15 likes | 5,163 views

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Here's the full playlist + download locations:

0:00 Intro

Uses the Filters\Distortion effect applied to the camera layer to simulate encoder/decoder bugs and connection errors
Based on Camera\ from the installer

0:10 Fly-in, fly-out

Uses the Camera\CameraBloom effect applied to the camera layer to produce extra bright light
Based on Text\ from the installer

0:19 Bouncing of the screen

Uses the Effects\Filters\Shaker effect applied to the camera layer to make it bounce
Based on Lightning\ from the installer

0:30 Broadcast graphics/virtual studio

Uses the colourmap layer to animate the contents of the big screen
Based on template 6 of BixPack 16:

0:42 Template for your little niece

Uses the Special\Avatar effect to bring the Models/Avatar model to life.
Can be downloaded from the community:

0:59 Throwing axes

Builds a 3D model of an axe out of an EPS and picture layer, both attached to the same container layer
Can be downloaded from the community:

1:11 Corporate

Uses the Vertically revolved style of the text layer
Based on Text\ from the installer

1:22 Easter Island revisited

Flies a model layer over a landscape layer. The Easter Island statues are model layers.
Can be downloaded from the community:

1:41 Sea legs

Floats text layers and a model layer in the water layer
Based on Water\ from the installer

1:57 Friendly message

Uses a sketch layer and a waving flag layer
Can be downloaded from the community:

2:11 Alien invasion

Uses the particle layer to render hundreds of 3D models running over the hills
Can be downloaded from the community:

2:28 Magma planet

Uses displacement mapping to render a realistic exoplanet
Based on template 13 of BixPack 20:

2:44 Outro

Uses a scroller layer on top of a mirror layer
Based on Shows\Text\ from the installer

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Well... it's not meant to be tasted :)

Thanks for the warning Selina. I hope it works out well because I'd love to create more funny intros. But don't worry, not just about this subject ;^)

michiel, 6 years ago

Funny and effiscient promo video for BT.

vincent, 6 years ago

Love it.........

Dani, 6 years ago

The promo video is great and funny! :-)))

Ulli, 6 years ago

Looks great Michiel... but I think you counted wrong.

JimH, 6 years ago

Michiel, I /bow to your skills and to your sense of humor :-)

Adonhiram, 6 years ago

Thank you all!!!

JimH, Do not use BluffTitler if you can't stop at 10 :^)

michiel, 6 years ago

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