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michiel | 11 months ago | 14 comments | 8 likes | 951 views

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Today I was super happy to discover that my supermarket had toilet paper back in stock again! Only one pack per customer, but you can't have everything...

Although not perfect, the Picture\Plane2Roll effect turned out to be good enough for what I was trying to achieve. No need for a toilet paper 3D model or effect.

Not sure in which situation this template can be useful, but I hope you have fun playing around with it!

Download media files (2.9 MB)

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The toilet paper texture is a photo taken by myself.

The floor colourmap and normalmap have been created with Filter Forge:

michiel, 11 months ago

I was shocked when looking at the views of this one. There must be market for shitty shows πŸ˜πŸ’©

michiel, 11 months ago

Thank you Michiel, your friendly messages are very scatological 😊

vincent, 11 months ago

Well because:

If you are in a large group all 1.5 meters from each other and one sneezes then all the others will shit themselves. πŸ’©

Or it is a way to try and take some controle over what is happening.

And yes, the contagious Virus will also leave your system in poo and therefore can be found in sewage water so don't drink it.

komies, 11 months ago

Love the humor! As long as there is humor there is laughter.

Filip, 11 months ago

thank you michiel

julio solano, 11 months ago

nice show

julio solano, 11 months ago

Thank you Michiel, copy to come ...

Alex-Raymond T., 11 months ago

:D FANTASTIC Michiel :D Thank you! :)

LostBoyz, 11 months ago

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Hahaha, this is what we all need in this times.
Thank you for sharing your toilett paper with us, Michiel. πŸ˜‚

Ulli, 11 months ago

Thank you all. Happy to see all the variations!

michiel, 11 months ago

Celle là fallait là trouver .Bravo Michel et merci pour la distribution

PAT67, 11 months ago

The download has been updated. It now makes use of the updated Plane2Roll effect of version

michiel, 11 months ago

Thanks Michelle!!!

liuyongcai, 11 months ago

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