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komies | 2 months ago | 5 comments | 1 like | 248 views

julio solano likes this!

I'm stuck maybe someone can help me?

When you have a texture with 6 different equal faces like in the Downloadable show and you select in Styles Menu Cube than that cube will represent those on each side each face, easy peasy.

Now I want to do that with the same texture on a Text Layer and I have chosen a Full Stop to represent a cube.

What am I missing? Why is this so hard?

Sincerely Yours,


Download media files (4.2 KB)

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Yes, almost more difficult than Rubik's cube. But, sure, michiel knows.

vincent, 2 months ago

Texture mapping is the art of pasting pictures on 3D models. This can be done in an unlimited number of ways, but for every kind of model there's 1 most common/effective way. To keep the app easy to use, BluffTitler uses that way. That's the reason why the text layer uses another texturing method than the CUBE style of the picture layer.

The TEXTURE POSITION, TEXTURE SIZE and TEXTURE MAPPING props of the text layer can be used to adjust the texturing.

The Special\UVModifier effect offers more ways.

And the Special\UVMapper effect completely overwrites it.

If you want full control, create your model in a modelling app and import it in BluffTitler with the model layer:

michiel, 2 months ago

thank you komies

julio solano, 2 months ago


"Unlimited number of ways" It would not suprise you that I tried all texture mapping properties and effect properties in the linked show the TextLayer has the UVMapper on it but what every I try I cannot get the textlayer to show a different colour per side. I also tried different maps like cubemap (Horizontal Cross) etc.

So it is not possible within BluffTitler with all the settings?
I don't ask for a NEW .cfx but a Preset would be nice or
else the settings to be manually inputted with instructions which image map format to use.

I am looking into the model suggestion, but the model layer has far layer properties which can be mitigated by the particle layer.

I was just baffled by this fact.

Sincerely yours,


komies, 2 months ago

The text layer generates 3D models out of font files.

The EPS layer generates 3D models out of vector drawings.

The picture layer generates 3D models defined by mathematical shapes like planes, spheres and cubes.

The model layer is special because it does not have to generate a 3D model. All it does is loading a ready-to-use model from a file. This includes loading the texture (UV) mapping as stored in the file. For this reason there's no need for texture mapping properties in the model layer:

michiel, 2 months ago

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