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komies | 6 years ago | 21 comments | 7 likes | 2,238 views

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Hello Komies here,

Who is ready to get started on the 4th of january.
I have followed the forum closely this few weeks and there was much to see and read. News about Bufftitler 12, preview of the beta, new effect and possibilities, new and found old friends, great new show-offs and yes exchange of idea's concepts, questions, anwsers and help like many downloadable shows. It seems to be infectious :)

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Blufftitler is a tool, like any other tool in your toolbelt and you should use the best tool for the job.

Blufftitler started as a titler and VJ program but it is now much more and will be even better that time always showed us.

It has like all software (APPlications and UTILity's) his strength and weaknesses but what it excels in the shear power of fast production of a short video (animation). From concept to final result in seconds, minutes.

komies, 6 years ago

For the beginning of this first lesson you will need other software to compliment blufftitler for now, because with version 12 on the way there will be some adjustments that will skip some.

komies, 6 years ago

The very first thing to have is a online video streaming account like YouTube to post your creations so you can put the link in your comment box under each assignment so I and other can see your progress and comment on it.

Why post them as Show-offs because it will free you in using materials and models e.g. without breaking the forum rules.

komies, 6 years ago

You will also need to have a converter because we will export our videos at the highest level of quality and this will make the file very large.

When you don't have an video converter already or NLE that can do the task in the link will be one thats good, especially for posting to YouTube to convert them to webm format.

komies, 6 years ago

Also a zip program will be needed

komies, 6 years ago

and a paint, photo-editing program like photoshop to create or adjust textures, pictures or photo's. If you do not have photoshop use GIMP for free.

komies, 6 years ago

to convert .3ds and .obj models I would suggest Blender it works better then wings3d and it is also free.

komies, 6 years ago

To convert to .X in blender you have to manullay add this to the export formats. In the link below it will show you how.

komies, 6 years ago

A other great tool for Blufftitler is the EPScreator by Vincent.

komies, 6 years ago

and free other textures like.

komies, 6 years ago

and adjust the following in the blufftitler window / settings / general options:

remove the default text "blufftitler" (sorry Michiel)
V add -sign to non default propeties

remove: auto mark all keys checkbox

komies, 6 years ago

These are the preparation for now so we can start on the 4th of january.

komies, 6 years ago

Very good info ,thank you for posting, for bt output video I use format factory software, i thought it may be useful.

Dani, 6 years ago

I'm in. :)

sfwriter, 6 years ago

Everyone is free to choose what works for them. It's going to be your projects so you choice which tool to use.

Every link on here are free (without cost) suggestions, to get the job done.

The main focus is on blufftitler, but you are always free to suggest other alternatives thats what this forum is all about.

komies, 6 years ago

Count me in too. Dave

DaveH, 6 years ago

Thanks for your efforts, you really help!

I'l follow your advice.

snafu, 6 years ago

Looking forward to your lessons!

One small remark, Windows has built-in ZIP support:

michiel, 6 years ago

What a great idea, I'm interested to learn.

Jesus, 6 years ago

Una buena idea komies .Muchas gracias por toda la información ofrecida

persiana, 6 years ago

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