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komies | a year ago | 10 comments | 5 likes | 557 views

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Yes I know BluffTitler is essentially a Titler for short intro's and outro's and it does that well en very fast. With the introduction of the cubemap-layer and displacement-layer in Version 12 in 2015 it really opened the field.

When you see these possibilities you keep wondering what else is possible in a DirectX/OpenGl environment and you look at Game engines dat are based on these and see the giant leaps these made in the last years like this real-time rendered talent in a virtual studio from 2 years ago, Wow!

Just to do the drapes moving in the wind would be nice to have.
It would be a transparent .png in waving Flag layer with Curtains2 effect but this doesn't work.

So yeah, dreaming of things that may or may not come to DirectX BluffTitler.

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And speaking about dreaming how about Voxel based clouds.
Like these made in Unity game engine.
Especially flying over them, always gets me.

komies, a year ago

And just to give a perspective on the evolution of Game engines this video is 6 years old made in Unity.

Lava that follows the rock surface.
/Blufftitler translation/
Particles that follow the landscape layer displacement layer. Another example would be balls falling down the stairs.

Part of wall falls down in pieces.
/Blufftitler translation/
A multi sliced object with each slice a Voronoi set pattern that behaves as particles so a solid object or text can fall in pieces in a more random shaped pattern.

Is this just dreaming because it works in DirectX in game engines?
I am a great fan of BluffTitler so this must been seen as inspirational above all else!

komies, a year ago

I am not saying it would be easy to add more great effects for BluffTitler that have to be easy and low in resources but hopefully it will spark something.

Here is a "short" video about the difference between Unreal and Unity game engines.

Again I'm not out to turn Bluffers in to game engineers nor have I something to gain by it except inspiration.

komies, a year ago

I 'm very interested by lighting chapter (at 14:00). For the rest of course it's powerful and results are awesome but above my pay grade.

vincent, a year ago

Vincent wrote:
"For the rest of course it's powerful and results are awesome but above my pay grade."

I think the license for using Unreal Engine 4 is free if you are using it to make a video, see FAQ:
Question: "Are any revenue sources royalty-free?"
Answer: "Yes! The following revenue sources are royalty-free:
- ......
- Non-interactive linear media, including movies, animated films and cartoons distributed as video."


So if you want to dig really deep and you have enough time to learn all the tools you can make a really complex 3D scene (virtual world), export a video from it (f.i. a fly over created with Matinee), use that video in BlufftTitler.........

Dick (FOV), a year ago

Other source of inspiration for new versions of BluffTitler: FilterForge.

FilterForge has a (community) filter database of more than 12000 (texture / effect) photo filters that can be modified. The only disadvantage of the program (for me) is the time it takes to render a sequence of (changing) images (batch export) for a video (the application is still CPU, not GPU, based).

How cool would it be if we could use the FilterForge (XML) photo filterfiles in BluffTitler as (BluffTitler GPU accelerated) filters for video? For technical- and maybe license reasons this is not likely to happen, but at least the filters of FilterForge could be inspiration for some BluffTitler effects?

Dick (FOV), a year ago

Dick when i wrote "above my pay grade" maybe a bad traduction due to online translator, actually I wanted to talk about my skills.

vincent, a year ago

Sorry, I didn't understand it was meant figuratively (english is not my mother tongue).

Dick (FOV), a year ago

No problem Dick, english is not my mother tongue either.

vincent, a year ago

Waiting for that day...

Dani, a year ago

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