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NextPreviousHomeVincent's Book with page flip

komies | 4 years ago | 10 comments | 11 likes | 2,246 views

michiel, chaver, snafu and 8 others like this!

What started with the pros and cons of 3D model or Eps Model by Introchamp is growing in example's and here is mine.

It's build on the bookcover show from Vincent, Thanks again.
This is what a simple 3d model can not do and that is animate the pages.

I had to be creative because the Double Sided.cfx did strange things with cloth style and flexibility.

Here to download and learn:

Download media files (427.9 KB)

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Great teacher.........

Dani, 4 years ago

Yes komies is a Pro, he knows and remembers everything about BT.
Great idea to use cloth property for pages and UVModifier. All animation with books stack and movement is great. You really improved the show.

vincent, 4 years ago

Thank you to share your skills with others!!!!!!!!!!

snafu, 4 years ago

Nice trick to use the CLOTH style to turn the page (layer 11)!

Instead of using a paint app to mirror the page (Page1&2.jpg) I think it can also be done inside Bluff by setting the FX TEXTURE SCALE prop of the UVModifier effect to a negative value.

michiel, 4 years ago

Impressive Komies! Love the motion and bend of the pages! The Book of Bix will go down in history!

IntroChamp, 4 years ago

I can confirm Michiel's solution: by setting FX TEXTURE SCALE from 2 to -2 at the point of page flip you don't need to do this in a paint program.

You still have to make the page and the next page and paste them together and squeeze them to the same size of the one sided pages in a paint program.

The reason why I had to work around this problem is because of the issues I had with the double sided.cfx in combination with cloth style and flexibility settings. This would be a faster, easier and more flexible way to do this page-flip.

Can you look at this, please

komies, 4 years ago

valuable and interesting informations

vincent, 4 years ago

Extraordinario Komies, me encanta que quieras ayudarnos al compartir tu libro.

persiana, 4 years ago

The double sided effect can't be used in combination with the cloth effect because it's impossible for the effect to determine what's front and back after the plane has been morphed.

Isn't it possible to do something clever with the SINGLE SIDED style of the picture layer (3rd dropdown below the textbox)?

michiel, 4 years ago

Wow.Thanks for sharing

chaver, 4 years ago

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