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In the new 15.1 update we got:

-revolved style text layer higher quality in super high quality mode (revolved steps increased from 32 to 64)

Almost 6 years ago I made a Dinner show as Tech Demo to push limits only made with eps models and mostly in Horizontally Revolved Style.
I wanted to see what the difference was in this downloadable show in the High Quality mode and Super High Quality mode.

For those who have still trouble with playing this show I will post 1024pix jpg images others can download the show and see for themselves.

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Here image 1 in High Quality mode

komies, a week ago

Here picture 1 in SUPER High Quality Mode

komies, a week ago

Here picture 2 in High Quality Mode

komies, a week ago

And picture 2 in SUPER High Quality Mode

komies, a week ago

Here Picture 3 in High Quality Mode

komies, a week ago

And picture 3 in SUPER High Quality Mode

komies, a week ago

As you can see there is little to none effect on the Glasses and Bottles.

The Dinner Plates have improved and the reason why their corners are more noticeable is because the edge of the plate is further from the center.

So if you want the corners of a revolved style less noticeable then don't make it too long from the center.

In another tech demo show from 3 years later I solved it by shorten the eps and created a new edge of the plate with the Ring.eps but the Circle sketch would also work.

There is the downloadable show:

And for the users that have trouble playing this show in SUPER High Quality mode there are 2 pictures.

komies, a week ago

Here is the Valentine picture in Normal Quality without the Ring.eps.

komies, a week ago

And here is the picture in Normal Quality with the Ring.eps

You get a smoother edge on the plate so you don't have to render the video in SUPER High Quality mode.

I hope this helps.

komies, a week ago

Gracias komies, en realidad es un buen trabajo y un excelente espectáculo. A todos los usuarios de BT nos ayuda de tus conocimientos y aprendemos, gracias por compartir maravilloso espectáculo y cuídate.

Jesus, a week ago

Good Show!

elvis66, a week ago

64 sides in revolved, It makes a big difference. Your EPS revolved look as good as models.

vincent, a week ago

Super Komies et merci pour le partage

PAT67, a week ago

Cela fait maintenant un super beau show ! Merci Komies pour le partage.

Alex-Raymond T., a week ago

Muy bien, una buena demostración

persiana, a week ago

Great demonstration, Komies!

Ulli, a week ago

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