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komies | 5 years ago | 16 comments | 12 likes | 2,475 views

vincent, LostBoyz, misterbrains and 9 others like this!

Have I told how much I love the Cubemap Layer in the new Beta of Blufftitler v12?

Here's an example it is based on a animation made on a Amiga computer by Ken Offer with the program Sculpt3d in 1986.

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LostBoyz, 5 years ago

Nice show komies, is the cubemap layer used for room reflections in ball ?
I hope you'll teach me V12 when i shall have a compatible computer.

vincent, 5 years ago

W O W ! ! !

I asked you to test the new features and you return a masterpiece.

Looks like the new cubemap layer is working perfectly :) Thank you!!!

michiel, 5 years ago

I'm absolutely impressed. And that bullet time effect at the end really knocked the ball out of the park! Thanks for a truly inspiring animation.

Thor5ten, 5 years ago

Exceptionnal Komies ! Should you be OK to share the project with media files ?

Jeep35, 5 years ago

extraordinario show Komies

persiana, 5 years ago

Very good exhibition!

liuyongcai, 5 years ago

Thanks you all for the positive comments and likes

Vincent, Thank you.
You taught me the most I know about .eps it's from YOUR postings here.
Yes all reflections are done with the Cubemap Layer.

You have Windows 7 thus you have Directx11 and a store bought videocard that supports DX11 can be had for € 40,- But I would recomment a midlevel videocard like AMD R7 series or Nvidea 600 series.

On this site you can compare them.

komies, 5 years ago

Jeep35, you can make this too when Blufftitler V.12 is out.

The cubemap layer only works in V12, but in my 10th birthday show for Blufftitler are alot of the same techniques I used you can download.

komies, 5 years ago

komies, thank you for the informations, the problem is on my portable and videocard is embedded, i think i must build a new pc.

vincent, 5 years ago

I have no experience with the following but maybe, just maybe it's an alternative: A external graphics card adapter for laptops.

komies, 5 years ago

Hi Komies, I do have BT12 but anyway, I can wait !!

Jeep35, 5 years ago

Komies, awesome show, you're a great teacher. Congratulations.

Jesus, 5 years ago

Thanks again komies for your help. i am going to make some tests. (Maybe Michiel knows if this kind of card can wor).

vincent, 5 years ago

The best show in beta 12, ****** Komies.

Dani, 5 years ago

You are an expert.Ihave no clue how you do this

chaver, 5 years ago

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