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komies | 3 years ago | 9 comments | 1,152 views

Franco saw the same ICE-CREAM Tutorial as me and like me was wondering about translating this in BluffTitler.

The waffle cup could be made with Horizontal revolved EPS with displacement map for the waffle structure.

The Ice cream could be made with the sketch layer and could even be animated to fill the waffle cup. Like this YouTube example.

I've done some proof of concepts but it just doesn't look right with the Star Shape also not with Pen Rotation.

The dilemma lies with that I don't know what shape would look right (6 points star) and for now we have to ask / bother you and your keen sense of not over clutter the interface of BluffTitler to add 20 or more shapes to the Style dropdown.


Would it be possible to make my own shapes to try and test till I found the right one by adding a sketch shape contour made in Bixelangelo maybe even a Save as option for Shape so it would have the right parameters?

The goal is to make a animation more like this one:

Where I foresee a prominent role for the Italic property.

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Hi Komies
In your exemple, there are 2 things : the icecreams and the kid. Just before working on icecreams (that I love) it could be more enjoyable to have faces animations in BT.
We do have Bix but he remains an alien, what could be nice will be the guy eating the icecream in your Youtube example. It needs different faces shapes and animations on mouth, eyes, and all other pats of a body. With that we could create "human" animations !

just a small wish !

Jeep35, 3 years ago

Hi, Jean Pierre

Thanks for your fast reaction.

I'm sorry ? but in my overzealous tendency to create this article I used this link
to search examples of 3d ice-cream animations that I could use as an example.

But the link that I meant to use was:
of a Specific example and did also correct it in the original article.

Windows key + V is a great shortcut but then you have to make the right selection which I didn't do here ?

komies, 3 years ago

I think a black and white pic to be used as sketch profile would be great. Here an exemple of profile pics. Concerning ice i obtained a little better results with duplicate skechs with various pen and colors settings.
The two pieces on top of your video show what i mean by PROFILE
Star profile looks too sharp in BT, maybe an other smooth property for the skecth profile would be useful to make star rounder.....

vincent, 3 years ago

The next version has the possibility to make the radius smaller along the path: it starts big and ends small. Maybe in combination with the star shape this can help to create ice cream.

michiel, 3 years ago

And you can always use a 3D model, like this one from BixPack 21:

michiel, 3 years ago

Great update to make the radius bigger/smaller along the path.

But I cannot animate the 3d model icecream cone to make it look like it fills the wafle cup.

komies, 3 years ago

To fill the waffle cup, create the path in Bixelangelo and animate the WRITER prop of the sketch layer in BluffTitler. Same technique as this one:

michiel, 3 years ago

That was the idea, but the star shape didn't look right.

Therefore the question:

"Would it be possible to make my own shapes to try and test till I found the right one by adding a sketch shape contour made in Bixelangelo maybe even a Save as option for Shape so it would have the right parameters?"

And yes, Vincents idea works also.

komies, 3 years ago

If Bixelangelo had some extra command it wouldn't be a problem, but sometimes drawing something becomes difficult due to the lack of commands like copy - paste - rotate- reflect - duplicate etc.

all the other requests are excellent, like the speech of adding a human figure besides Bix, which I had proposed. Unfortunately I can't draw a person who adapts to the already existing effect.

Franco Aversa, 3 years ago

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