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A Fast and Dirty Show about Flexibility

Flexibility is a powerful property and often underused.
Layers 3 through 9 are characters made from the letter l and with the Flexibility setting on uneven layers is 2,1,0 with Physics Damper

The First is the duration in seconds
The Second is the direction 0 = L>R /|\ 1 = R>L /|\ 0.5 = from the middle
The Third is a random delay which makes it chaotic. Other settings are -1 for effects now on words and less than -1 random delay per word.

Flexibility setting on the even layers is 2,0,0 so it goes from Left thru Right.

The effect used on these layers is Special/Masked.cfx, this sets a texture as full screen background but only visible on the objects with this effect. And you can make, with the Text Layer and Flexibility property, your own transitions.

Also I've done something that is not recommended in this show, I have animated the Flexibility property. The trick here is that the value's until needed is the same till it changes to the last possible moment. On Layer 3 thru 6 the first key is 0 the second key is 0 and the third key is 0 and placed at .999 of a second before the fourth key. Delete this third key (find with next key button) and see what happens. It is because it is still in the 2 second wake of the flexibility.

Once Flexibility is turned on, it then effect all properties as you can see on the text, for example the first Text BLUFFTITLER moves from the middle, changes colour from the middle and rotated from the middle, because the Flexibility property second slider is set to 0,5.

One other important thing to remember when using this Flexibility property is that the last key animation is set minus the Flexibility duration from the end of the show because it need this time to complete its instruction otherwise it will get stuck somewhere midst transition.

I hope this helps in understanding, but just in case I give you some other Flexibility show links from the community to look at, and look forward to see this POWERFULL property used.

Also under here the almost 10 years old Flexibility Lab with a neat picture of the flexibility settings.

Set layer 12 to second slider position -60 on keys 2,3,4
Set layer 3 Flexibility on an existing key with the All layers, All keys from 2 to 3 and see what happens.

Download media files (1.5 KB)

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The Flexibility Lab

komies, 3 years ago

thank you Alex, very clever, thank you to remember masked.cfx.
Flexibility is always impressive, a really powerful property.

vincent, 3 years ago

Good jop ! komies
thank u

Sma, 3 years ago

Thank you Komies,
I know and I use flexibility, but I had never used the effect masked.
It is very powerful you can create a bunch of wipes for the effects.


Franco Aversa, 3 years ago

Muy bien y gracias Komies

persiana, 3 years ago

Merci Komies pour l'info (je n'ai jamais utilisé la fléxibilité ) et le partage

PAT67, 3 years ago

Komies very good use of the flexibilty with masked effect in this way. Great show, very helpful.

Filip, 3 years ago

Thanks a lot, Komies! It is very interesting to see again a show with the flex effect! 👍

Ulli, 3 years ago

Great info and's always great to joy to learn Dear Alex..

Dani, 3 years ago

Thank you all for liking this and the nice comments.

I hope it will help someone.

komies, 3 years ago

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