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komies | 4 years ago | 7 comments | 5 likes | 1,260 views

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Did NASA use Blufftitler for there trailer about Jupiter Juno Mission?
4th July 20:18 PDT or 05:18 GMT+1 Netherlands, will I stay up or will I wake up for this? T-minus 8 hours and counting.

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Funny you should ask that as nasa has only supplied images (No Real Photos) of anything up there. No Planets, No proper real photo of earth just paintings, artist interpretations, and of course CGI. The deep space pics from hubble? Look up the sofia telescope. That'll make you go hmmm. Anyway Blufftitler is the best.

Vanlen, 4 years ago

You know I was kidding right?
A lot of the effects in the video could have been made with Blufftitler, I really didn't see anything that Blufftitler couldn't do or better.

And I do believe, KNOW that there are real photo's of there missions like last years New Horizon Mission that on the14th of July 2015 made a flyby of Pluto.

And I've seen de rings of Saturn with my own eyes through a long focus refractor telescope, but yes they also make a lot of animations or simulations to inform us of what they are up to. And the last years they're trying to get more people behind them because of other missions they're willing to do like a manned flight to mars, but there budget was severely cut ever since the space-shuttle program was scraped.

For now I will try to get some sleep before the alarm wakes me in about 4 hours to follow this mission live.

komies, 4 years ago

NASA use Blufftitler & Plugin SABER off Video Copilot .

agpvn, 4 years ago

Succes!!! Juno is in orbit of Jupiter.

A five year trip in Outerspace with in a second accurate controlled Orbit that started at 130.000 km/h isn't that amazing. \ (•◡•) /

komies, 4 years ago

BT can do everything!
Juno is a great mission and i hope it'll give us new informations about our solar system:

vincent, 4 years ago

^_^ ideas from Komi


agpvn, 4 years ago

Well you never know they might use it how cool would that be LOL

johnsolar283, 4 years ago

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