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michiel | 7 years ago | 34 comments | 16 likes | 5,889 views

LostBoyz, amigopegassero, Tintin and 13 others like this!

Sit down, relax and watch this 2 minute video showing the new features.

A big thank you to all registered users for making this new version possible!!!

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Detailed info about the new features can be found here:

michiel, 7 years ago

For your personal upgrade info, start BluffTitler and choose HELP > CHECK FOR UPGRADES.

Alternatively you can visit this page:

michiel, 7 years ago

As always, the latest version can be downloaded from the download page:

michiel, 7 years ago

OUTSTANDING Version ever waited for, thank you so much for all who work behind this great version.

Dani, 7 years ago

The big day has come! Fantastic!

LostBoyz, 7 years ago

WOW - thank you, Michiel and Team, for this new BT Version.

Bluff Titler is an outstanding and fantastic program!!!

Ulli, 7 years ago

thank you, Michiel and Team!

liuyongcai, 7 years ago

Hi Michiel,
All is perfect !
You should be proud for this new release full of new technology.

Jeep35, 7 years ago

Great software :)

chaver, 7 years ago

so great
thank you for such a great prog

thank you thank you

one question: how can i make preview thumbs of my old shows ?

erikger, 7 years ago

Gracias Michiel y equipo por esta nueva versión que nos va a dar muchas alegrías a todos los usuarios

persiana, 7 years ago

Thank you all for your enthusiastic feedback!

The new show thumbnails are created when you save your show. So creating thumbnails for your old shows is as easy as loading and saving them.

michiel, 7 years ago

Thanks Michiel, BluffTitler version 12 the best. congratulations.

Jesus, 7 years ago

When do we talk about version 14 :)

Just kidding, enjoy all what v12 has en will bring you,
Get some well deserved rest after these hectic months.

You and your team did a hell of a job, and thank you for this great version of our beloved Blufftitler. And thank you for the oppertunity to test this version in the Beta.

I am very curious of the shows that will be posted in the new community!

komies, 7 years ago

Thousand thanks for this version even if i can't take advantage of all its improvements yet.

vincent, 7 years ago

Just WOW!

Thanks for this great upgrade!

Vanlen, 7 years ago

Perfect! Congratulations on a terrific launch. Thank you!
Is it just me or is everything loading and running faster than previous versions?

EverettM, 7 years ago

Fantastic, thank you!

tayla, 7 years ago

hallo to everyone
So, i'll wish anything in stereoscopic mode.
as well as, really stereoscopic mode side by side

angelocer, 7 years ago

angelocer, I think this will make you happy:

michiel, 7 years ago

angelocer, look at this thread SBS 3d with blufftitler.

komies, 7 years ago

Quick question! Why can't I get into my old effects on this version 12...I have to open the older version to use the older effects thanks!

amigopegassero, 7 years ago

Good question! We asked the very same question to Microsoft. The answer was: DirectX 9 FX files are no longer supported in DirectX 11.

In order to stay compatible we had to develop our own effects system. This is the CFX format.

Converted FX effects can be found in the Effects/V11 folder. When you open an old show it automatically loads the corresponding CFX files from this folder.

All effects all beta testers asked for, including all effects of all 16 BixPacks, have been converted. Missing effects will be converted on request.

For new projects I advise you to use the new effects outside the V11 folder:

michiel, 7 years ago

I'm so lame, i'm still running XP, guys with BT 11.2.
Shame on me. I've got to move to Win7 or Win8.

What do you suggest is better for BT?

Changa, 7 years ago

I would say Win7, but it does not matter much because soon we will all be using Win10.

michiel, 7 years ago

Ok, thank you Michiel, I'm too stucked on habits, i guess.
Good luck with the new version!

Changa, 7 years ago

How can we add a (( example )) a table chair or what ever we've created to another show.. Is Ctrl M still the only way to add a show into another show

amigopegassero, 7 years ago


Only thing you have to do after a merge (CONTROL M) is to delete the layers you do not need. This typically includes the imported camera and light layers.

michiel, 7 years ago

Has the licensing changed for Version 12? I have updated my desktop system and it works perfectly. However I have tried updating my laptop a few times and when I run BluffTitler it loads, displays the user interface and after approximately 20 seconds it just exits. Nothing is displayed. Version 11 worked perfectly on both systems. I don't know how to attach the png of dxdiag screen capture from the laptop.

EverettM, 7 years ago

Kool Thanks!

amigopegassero, 7 years ago

EverettM, nothing has changed in the EULA. If you are the only one using the software you may install it on as many computers as you want.

I think your laptop does not have a DirectX 11 compatible graphics card:

michiel, 7 years ago

And if you want to install the latest version of BluffTitler that works with DirectX 9 on your laptop, you can download it on this page:

michiel, 7 years ago

Michiel, That link takes me to the upgrade page asking me for my keys.
I type in my keys and it says they are invalid. However on my desk-top system everything works perfectly with V12.

EverettM, 7 years ago

At any time this page answers all questions about updates, upgrades and downloading old versions.

You've probably made a typing error, for example by switching upper and lower case.

Instead of entering your keys on that page, you can also start BluffTitler and choose HELP > CHECK FOR UPGRADES.

michiel, 7 years ago

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