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BixPack 11 includes 10 animated party silhouettes. This articles explains how to use them.

The animations are not stored as video files, but as filmstrips. This way they can be played forward and backward at any speed without any delay.

To bring them alive you need the new PartySilhouette.fx effect that is included in the pack as well:
1) create a new picture layer by pressing the ADD PICTURE LAYER... button and select one of the filmstrip pictures
2) press the CHANGE EFFECT... button and select PartySilhouette.fx

The effect offers the following properties:

This is the numer of frames in the filmstrip.

BixPack 11 uses the following naming convention: PartySilhouette_Girl1_F12.png has 12 frames because it ends on F12

This is used to synchronize the silhouettes with the music. To find out the BPM of your music simply count the number of beats for 1 minute. (or for 15 seconds and multiply by 4)

The BPM is not enough to let your silhouettes correctly move to the beat. When your silhouette is moving her arms into the air, her arms have to be moved into the air at the right moment. At the down beat (the 1st beat of the bar), the up beat (the 3rd beat of the bar) or somewhere in between?

It's a bit tricky, but with some trial and error you will get it right.

If this property is set to 1 the animation is played backwards.

If this property is set to 1 the animation is mirrored horizontally.

If this property is set to 1 the animation does not jump to the first frame after the last, but instead plays the animation backwards to reach the first frame.

Some silhouettes have been designed to be played in pingpong mode.

BixPack 11 uses the following naming convention: PartySilhouette_Boy5_P5.png has 5 frames that must be pingponged because it ends on P5 (not F5)

If this property is set to 1 the silhouette is always facing towards the camera. This is useful if you are rotating the camera around the silhouettes and don't want to reveal they are flat.

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what is the easiest way to convert video to filmstrip?

film dancing talent on contrasting background convert to 2 color video and then rotoscope (save video as pictures) to photo-edit program (photoshop) and paste each picture with the same format next to each other?

Or is there an easier way

komies, 9 years ago

For the party pack we have shoot the dancers in front of a greenscreen. A custom tool has been developed to convert the video into a b&w filmstrip.

Biggest problem we had was to make the animations loop. We asked the dancers to start and end every dance move in the exact same position. This turned out to be more difficult than we expected. It took a lot of selecting and post processing to produce the 10 strips we wanted.

michiel, 9 years ago

exelente i buy now mi bix pack 11 o yes

chespi650, 9 years ago

A great new .fx in BLUFFTIELR. No need to go to video Party silhouettes footage , day by day BT is shining, i appreciate your hard work all you wonderful people in blufftitler team, Love you all.

Dani, 9 years ago

Amazing. the new party silhouettes.fx. really wonderful. and really amazing pak as well. worth the purchase bixpak 11. keep it up Carlos and Michiel.

rheeramun, 9 years ago

Party silhouettes

Carlos Marques, 9 years ago

I think, this is one of my favorites effects. :-)))

Ulli, 9 years ago

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