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michiel | 16 years ago | 9 comments | 7 likes | 7,426 views

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This animation uses three particle layers to create a night sky filled with twinkling stars. You can adjust the amount of stars with the EMISSION property, the size of the stars with the SIZE property and the twinkling time with the MAXIMUM AGE property.

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Thomasco, 16 years ago

It has even shooting stars!

lampion, 16 years ago

very good indeed!

rsp, 16 years ago

Very good and interesting, especially the shooting stars the look so real

reinfrid, 16 years ago

Very good for backgrount use it a lot

reinfrid, 16 years ago

I have two questions:

First is, How if I put a text with that background ?, I would like to avoid the twinkling stars mixed in the text, just around.

Where you get the layers, like "Big stars", "Small sras", and "Falling stars" ?, I can't see how you get those pictures

snafu, 16 years ago

You can add a text to the animation by selecting the menu item LAYER / ADD TEXT LAYER...

To prevent the twinkling stars to appear in front of the text you can move the text away from the stars, closer to the camera. You can do this by selecting the TEXT POSITION property and moving the third slider to the left.

Due to the perspective projection, moving the text closer to the camera also makes the text bigger. If you don't like that you can correct this with the FONT SIZE property.

All three particle layers use the same picture: particle1.bmp.
The layers have been renamed with the menu item LAYER / RENAME CURRENT LAYER...

michiel, 16 years ago

Thanks for your help

snafu, 16 years ago

This is excellent. I needed an outerspace background for a spinning globe I'm working on and this was perfect to work with. Thanks.

Tom K, 13 years ago

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