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The huge digital signage screens in the City Lights pack are model layers:

In most templates, the screens do not use a simple picture or video texture, but point to a colourmap layer:

This is very powerful because it allows you to play another BluffTitler show on the screen. A show inside a show!

Here's how to do that:
1) select the colourmap layer that is used by the screens. In template 4 , that's layer 4.
3) if necessary, adjust the background colour with the BACKGROUND COLOUR property
3) press <CTRL> + M and select the show.

That's it!

Notice that by changing the colourmap layer, all layers using that colourmap layer are immediately updated. In this example this includes the 2 zeppelins!

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In the screenshot, a template from the flowers pack is used:

michiel, 3 years ago

Thanks !!

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