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Here are 4 ways to create a textbox, useful for lower thirds.

Top left uses the STROKED ROUND style (3rd dropdown below the textbox). The STROKE prop is set to (25, 1).

Top right uses the STROKED SHARP style.

Bottom left uses the CONVEX HULL style.

Bottom right uses the BOX style. In this case the size is, inconsistently, set with the BEVEL prop. The 1st dropdown is set to JUSTIFY to make it a single rectangle. Switching to CENTRE gives a slightly different effect.

8 text layers

The show uses 8 text layers. Easiest way to change them all is to choose EDIT > CHANGE ALL TEXTS.

4 boxes

The 4 boxes use the SPECIAL\UVMAPPER effect. Use the FX TEXTURE SIZE prop to change the size. Mark the ALL LAYERS checkbox to adjust all 4 at the same time.


Shadow algorithm used is SHADOW VOLUMES (3rd dropdown light layer) for razor sharp shadows.

Download media files (1.2 KB)

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Thank you.
I see how you put the texture on the text layer. Much simpler

lightads, a year ago

Molto interessante. Grazie per la condivisione

nonnogio, a year ago

Thank you.michiel .

liuyongcai, a year ago

Thank you Michiel

chaver, a year ago

Thnx Michiel, you're great!

Filip, a year ago

Thank you!

LostBoyz, a year ago

Thank you!!!

E-VAG, a year ago

thanks michiel

julio solano, a year ago

Très intéressant, merci Michiel !

Alex-Raymond T., a year ago

Very cool. Thanks for the download. Going to have to try these.

Decentralized, a year ago

Merci Michiel

PAT67, a year ago

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