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Version 15.2 introduces the ProceduralTextures\Gradient effect.

Apply it to a picture layer and you have a nice colour gradient.

Of course such textures can easily be created in a paint app, but with this effect you can immediately see the result in the 3D scene without constantly having to save the texture and refresh the show. Plus you can animate all the props!

This screenshot demonstrates how it looks applied to a picture layer and a sketch layer.

On the left, the gradient is horizontal.

In the middle, the gradient is rotated 90 degrees with the FX ROTATION prop. And it is mirrored with the FX MIRROR prop. This looks much better when applied to a sketch layer. The size of the stripes can be set with the FX SIZE prop, but also with the TEXTURE SIZE prop of the sketch layer.

In the right picture, the FX CLAMP prop is set to (0.8, 0.8).

The fun starts with the FX PERIOD prop. This sets the time in seconds of the looping animation. So a smaller value means a higher speed. Set it to 0 to turn it off.

Download media files (9.6 KB)

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The effect also has an additive version: ProceduralTextures\Gradient_Additive.

This does the same, only with additive blending. It creates a nice neon look!

For sketch layers it works great when combined with the normal version. The picture in the bottom right is rendered with 2 sketch layers. The red version uses the Gradient_Additive effect with a slightly bigger PEN SIZE prop.

michiel, a year ago

It's a simple, but very powerful effect. BixPack 40 heavily uses it to animate the flow in the UTP cables!

michiel, a year ago

Nice explanations, similarly, would it be possible to add the property Texture speed to UVModifier and UVModifier_additive in a next upgrade ? Thank you.

vincent, a year ago

Thnx Michiel. I tried to make a assimilated Bix. But sofar i came with nothing. There is again a lot to learn!

Filip, a year ago

Michiel, about Bixelangelo, zoom is not applied to the background image, will you be able to see the problem, thank you.

vincent, a year ago

Thank you Michiel for all these explanations very necessary to take full advantage of these new effects and this new pack.

Alex-Raymond T., a year ago

Gracias Michiel, por estos nuevos efectos, esto es la magia de Blufftitler.

Jesus, a year ago

Merci Michiel pour le partage des fichiers très instructifs

PAT67, a year ago

Vincent, the texture can be animated with the Special\UVModifier effect by keyframing the FX TEXTURE POSITION property. This is equally fast plus it allows you to change the speed during the show. This is not possible with an FX PERIOD/SPEED property.

michiel, a year ago

Ok, thank you michiel.

vincent, a year ago

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