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agentorange | 13 years ago | 6 comments | 2 likes | 9,169 views

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Hi folks!

For a homegrown dirtbike DVD I was in need for an intro and a menu.

The intro features some flying-titles and material (rust/lava = particle) effects plus a set of searchlights (plasma) that get switched on and off.

Best played along with the mighty THX trailer sound.

The menu itself (two versions available) was designed to show burning letters (two layered particle effects) for the title, some sparkling menu items (another particle effect) plus a starfield background (yet another particle effect with a different bitmap).

OK, the sparkles are probably are a bit overdone - you can reduce the frequency (by changing the "emission" option to 0.5 or even lower) at will, however.

Have fun to modify and feel free to use at will.


Download media files (72.4 KB)

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... almost forgot: terminator.ttf is included in the media files .zip archive. I got the font from somewhere else here on this site, so hopefully it isn't copyrighted...

agentorange, 13 years ago

Let me see if I understand this correctly. When I click Play Animation, there are actually 3 shows. In order to save them, I have to stop show 1 and save it, then let if finish playing. Show 2 automatically starts. Then stop it, save show 2, then let it finish playing. Finally show 3 automatically starts showing, stop it, save show 3 then let it finish playing?
At least that's how what I had to do to save it.
I especially like the last one, think I will use it soon. Thanks.

Cinde, 13 years ago

I don't suppose you found a way to loop the flaming text? or did you just settle for a jump at the end?

JimH, 13 years ago

BTW, there is a way to create a looping segment of video using the flaming text...

JimH, 13 years ago

Cinde, that's right.

You can set/view the successive show in the FILE / SHOW PROPERTIES dialog.

michiel, 13 years ago


christy0, 12 years ago

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