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michiel | 12 years ago | 24 comments | 13 likes | 7,717 views

Virtual DarKness, Tintin, maitegras and 10 others like this!

BluffTitler can now render multiple viewports!

Adding a viewport is as easy as choosing the new menu item LAYER > ADD LAYER > ADD CAMERA LAYER... Every viewport corresponds to a camera layer and has its own settings and keyframe animation.

The new version also introduces the camera coordinate system in the lower left corner. Press F2 or choose SETTINGS > SHOW INFO to display this extra info.

Hopefully this new feature will help understanding the positions and rotations of the layers in 3D space and make more complex shows possible! For more information, click on the above screenshot.

Version 8.3.1 is now available. It's a free upgrade and can be downloaded from the download page.

Thanks to all who have asked for this feature!

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LostBoyz, 12 years ago


BillyJack, 12 years ago

Thanks A LOT, Michiel!!!!
I can't belive that such a usefull thing can be a FREE upgrade...
Blufftitler & outerspace software realy bluff me.

sebouze, 12 years ago

YEAH - the new features are fantastic.

Thank you so much Michiel.

Ulli, 12 years ago

thank you thank you thank you oh great

maitegras, 12 years ago

Excellent, just excellent Michiel, fine work

rudemartini, 12 years ago

I'm just blown away by how great this program is.

Fantastic - thanks.

IBMedia, 12 years ago

So many great features in such a small package.

Thanks again for listening to your fans.


kf_daddy, 12 years ago

This is a thing of beauty. Thank you Michiel.

JimH, 12 years ago

render I have problems with this version.
when I render, is the view screen to transfer, and the final video as well.
I returned to the previous version and I have no problem.

maitegras, 12 years ago

In the previous versions, where there was only one camera, which projection did it use? Perspective Projection or Parallel Projection?

Per, 12 years ago

how to change settings "Field of View" there is no option to select.
also would it be possible to give the layers a border wich is not black or show a name in the viewportwindow like cam 1, cam 2 cam 3 and so on.

mrbernd, 12 years ago

Maitegras, the export issue can be solved by:
-choosing one of the SHADER AA options in the FILE > EXPORT AS MOVIE... dialog
-or by installing version

Per, it used perspective projection.

mrbernd, FIELD OF VIEW is only available with PERSPECTIVE PROJECTION.

michiel, 12 years ago

At any time you can download the latest version from the download page. Maybe you have to press F5 to reload the page:

michiel, 12 years ago

hi michiel, could you please give me a screenshot with FOV. can´t find propertie.

mrbernd, 12 years ago

mrbernd, the property is called FIELD OF VIEW, not FOV.

It is only used with perspective projection:

michiel, 12 years ago

sorry, maybe i´m blind,
but i can´t find this property and i would like to use it. :o(

mrbernd, 12 years ago

mrbernd, which camera properties do you see?

And which version of BluffTitler are you using? (choose HELP > ABOUT BLUFFTITLER)

michiel, 12 years ago

I just love this program!!! Thanks so much

Vanlen, 12 years ago

thanks michiel, now i know what you mean with Field of View. in german it´s called "Zoom"

mrbernd, 12 years ago


michiel, 12 years ago

Field of View and Zoom are not the same thing. Field of View is like your peripheral vision. With a camera if you narrow the field of vision it will appear that the object gets larger when in fact it's just filling up the screen.

Even with zoom, I would assume that BT is just moving the position of the camera closer where in real life you zoom by standing in the same spot but changing lenses from a 50mm to a 250mm for example.

kf_daddy, 12 years ago

Thank you Michiel for this feature!

vincent, 12 years ago

Another great upgrade ,awesome !!!!!

Zotz, 12 years ago

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