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IBMedia | 8 years ago | 6 comments | 1,614 views

I have a text layer that somehow has an angle/rotation so the text looks a little jagged.

I've tried to turn off all the settings for that layer to get rid of this but it's still there.

Is this happening because my show has a camera position which is not 0,0,0 ?

Is there a way to get my text layer so that the characters don't have any ragged edges?

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I'm using a modified version of the Rotating Phone show

IBMedia, 8 years ago

Maybe this info can help:

michiel, 8 years ago

Or do you mean that the exported video has jaggies?

This can be fixed by choosing a higher antialiasing quality in the FILE > EXPORT AS MOVIE dialog.

michiel, 8 years ago

Thanks for the link. I will use that technique when appropriate.

I'll try and explain a little more because it's possibly just a "newbie perception issue".

In this show, the "jaggies" are because the text layer is not flat on to the camera. I played around with the text rotation settings and got it almost exactly right but not quite. I can't make it pefect no matter what I do.

I think the best way to explain what I am trying to achieve would be to say that I am tying to put a 2d flat layer in front of the bluff title show so that I can display a text message and url at the end.

I could do this by exporting the show and importing it to Cantasia Studio, and use the overlays in that to put an overlay in front of the BT Show, but I was hoping to find out how to do it in BT without involving Camtasia Studio in the process.

All I need is to figure out how to make a text layer in BT be completely flat to the camera.

Hope you understand what I mean.

IBMedia, 8 years ago

To line up your text with the camera simple use the same rotation for your text as you use for your camera.

Copy the values of the ROTATION property of the camera layer to the TEXT ROTATION property of the text layer.

michiel, 8 years ago

Got it - that's exactly what I needed - thanks AGAIN!

IBMedia, 8 years ago

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