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IBMedia | 9 years ago | 12 comments | 1 like | 2,474 views

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I was experimenting with the Bounds property for the text layer and discovered a little querk.

It seems that if a single word does not fit within the bounds limit, and therefore has to be scaled by BT, then every word gets placed on a separate line.

I created a new show via the NEW command, with resolution 640x360, and set a value of 300 for both horizontal and vertical bounds.

Then I changed the text on the text layer to the following text

19% of the world population lives in China

Every single word was on a separate line, but really there was space for more than one rd on most of the lines.

If you alter the font size so that the largest word is les than the bounds limit, then the text gets spaced correctly with multiple words per line.

From the testing I did, it seems to be only when a SINGLE word would exceed the bounds that this would occur.

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Again, well spotted!

What puzzles me, why are you using such extreme font size and bounds properties? It looks like you are using BluffTitler in a very creative and unique way. Why don't you show us some of your work in this gallery? I'm sure this will help us understand your unique requirements.

michiel, 9 years ago

It for a Kinetic Typography show.

While creating it, I discovered another issue with the bounds property.

If you have a text layer inside a container, and have a bounds on the text layer. If you then rotate the container, it seems like the bounds is still applied to the original x direction and so the text itself can expand outside the bounds.

I'll post a video showing this shortly.

IBMedia, 9 years ago

Here's a quick example video

IBMedia, 9 years ago

Here's the same show with longer text, and you can see that once the container is rotated, the bounds on the text layer is no longer applied ... either that or the vertical bounds is being applid rather than the horizontal bounds.

IBMedia, 9 years ago

You do not need the bounds property to create such shows. Keep it simple: do not use unnecessary technology:

michiel, 9 years ago

Here's a similar show:

michiel, 9 years ago

I had seen that show from you previously, and thought it was good.

But what happens when you need to use different text? You are then back to the design stage.

With my concept, you only need to change the text and everything should work.

Isn't that the concept behind "a good template" and the reason for the bounds property?

Here's what happens when you change the text on the show that you mention.

I only changed the beginning text. The end text is from the original show

IBMedia, 9 years ago

I had also looked at the Word Cloud show previously, and while it's a great show ... what happens when you need to change the words?

I'm trying to create shows that can be re-used as easily as possible, so I'm tring to make use of the power of Bluff Titler via the bounds, writer, jumble, flexibility and other similar features in such a way that I can just change text without needing to redo positions, rotations, sizing, etc for every piece of text that changes.

IBMedia, 9 years ago

True, but not all shows have to be templates.

I can't see "that once the container is rotated, the bounds on the text layer is no longer applied". When you rotate/scale/move a container the bounds of the attached text layer are also rotated/scaled/moved. Press F2 to visualise the bounds. I think for your purpose you want to keep the 2nd slider of the BOUNDS property 0.

michiel, 9 years ago

Great. I'd love to see your work. Not just the quick examples.

michiel, 9 years ago

I agree that not all shows need to be templates, but I am trying to produce some "templates" for my own use to minimise my production time.

IBMedia, 9 years ago

Sorry, Michiel ... my fault ... I incorrectly set the bounds width when preparing the earlier examples to show you.

The bounds is being maintained correctly when the container is rotated as you pointed out. Again sorry.

So it just leaves the original issue from this article.

IBMedia, 9 years ago

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