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IBMedia | 8 years ago | 8 comments | 1,934 views

I initially thought that the BOUNDS property of thr text layer would help me do this, but that scales my text to fit the width, so I get different tt sizes in each paragraph - and that looks odd.

I'm wanting to create 2 or 3 paragraphs of text and have each paragraph be the same width, and use the same size characters - Much like a set of bullet points, or indented paragraphs in a word processor.

I've tried several things to achieve this look and none has worked.

Is there a simple setting that I have missed somewhere that would enable me to do this?

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So if your text layer is automatically scaled to make it fit you want another text layer to be scaled as well?

michiel, 8 years ago

No, I was hoping that I could use the Bounds property to set a width, and the text would "wrap to that width.

By having the same "X position" and same "Bounds width", I could have multiple "paragraphs that were left aligned.

I know I could manually change this in each show and achieve what I want, but I'm creating a "template" so that I can just quickly replace text (With the "all text" dialog) and have everything line-up automatically.

IBMedia, 8 years ago

To do that:
-set the 1st dropdown below the text box to LEFT
-set the 2nd dropdown to VERTICAL ALIGN TOP
-set the 1st slider of the BOUNDS property to the desired width
-set the 2nd slider of the BOUNDS property to the desired height
-set the FONT SIZE property small enough to prevent scaling for most texts (scaling is only meant for exceptions)
-make sure your text does not have unnecessary hard returns.

Press F2 to visualize the rectangle.

michiel, 8 years ago

Thanks Michiel, I'll try what you suggest.

IBMedia, 8 years ago

I can't reproduce your WRITER remark. Nothing is re-scaled when the WRITER property is being animated.

michiel, 8 years ago

Michiel, I'll double-check what I'm saying about writer in a moment, and let you know.

Your instructions helped me get sorted out for the "word-wrap" and the key part of what you mentioned is the "BOUNDS HEIGHT"

To get it to work, it is essential that you have a height that is greater than you need.

That was the part that I had not done correctly - I had everything else, but had tried not settng the height, or setting it to a value that was too small.

I've now set my BOUNDS HEIGHT to 1000 and it's working exactly as I need - thanks.

IBMedia, 8 years ago

No problem. I'm happy it now works the way you want!

michiel, 8 years ago

I have it working just the way I want now. Many thanks for your help.

IBMedia, 8 years ago

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