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boothferrylegend and Tester like this!

A 3D animated word cloud (woordwolk)

Download media files (12.9 KB)

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I love this, but how in the world did you do it? (I'm new to BluffTitler, so still a bit overwhelmed!

jerihurd, 14 years ago

To find out how it's done, select the menu item SETTINGS / TOOL WINDOW.

The only thing that is being animated in this show is the POSITION property of the camera layer. The camera layer can be selected with the dropdown listbox above the PLAY button and the POSITION property can be selected with the dropdown listbox above the 3 sliders.

Note that both the camera layer and the position property have a plus sign (+). This means that they are being animated.

michiel, 14 years ago

Michiel, I recently saw a website that would take any text file and randomly generate a graphic that resembles your final frame. Did you enter each text layer manually or did you use a script of some kind?

JimH, 14 years ago

Which website are you refering to?

I have entered each text manually. I was expecting this to be a very dull, lengthy job, but it turned out to be much fun. Positioning the texts isn't much work if you click and move the mouse in the render window (instead of using the sliders)

Would you like to have a tool that automates the process?

michiel, 14 years ago

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed hoping for the ability to import layered psd files. That would be a big help for a show like this one.

And not to get too far off the subject, but is there a way to know when an update has been posted for BT? The only way I know is to check the download page often or hope that someone else has seen it and is kind enough to post in one of the forums I go to.

We have the gallery forum but I've never seen anything posted here about updates.

kf_daddy, 14 years ago

I would like to see tools that automate some of the processes.

myoffices, 14 years ago

brilliant this, used the words for football player names, and your right michiel it is quicker to drag them around the screen!

boothferrylegend, 13 years ago

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