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michiel | 6 days ago | 14 comments | 7 likes | 442 views

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Here's a YouTube Short using a GLB car and a Bixelangelo roller coaster.

The media files are included, but you have to download a few files and point BluffTitler to them to make it work. Save the show after doing this to prevent you have to do all this again next time.

Ground textures

The ground textures (Ground048_1K_Color.jpg and Ground048_1K_NormalDX.jpg) can be downloaded here: (

Road texture

The road texture (road.png) comes with the Bixelangelo installer in its Media/Textures folder:

Car model

The car model (tesla_2018_model_3.glb) can be downloaded here:

Tree model

The tree model (elm.obj) comes with the Bixelangelo installer in its Media/Models folder:


The font can be found here:


The download uses the skybox from the BluffTitler installer.

The video uses this one:


The download does not use audio layers.

The video uses Thor's Hammer by Ethan Meixsell from the YouTube audio library.

The skid sample can be found here:


Yes, that's a lot of files. It takes an app like BluffTitler to make them work together, bringing them to life 😃

Have fun playing with the show. I would love to see your variations!

Download media files (36 KB)

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LostBoyz, 6 days ago

Here's the top view of the roller coaster.

The template comes with Bixelangelo: choose FILE > OPEN... and select Bixelangelo/Media/Sketches/

After the spiral tower follows:
-2 loops
-a cobra roll
-a batwing
-a corkscrew
-a hammerhead turn

michiel, 6 days ago

I LOVE IT!!michiel!

liuyongcai, 6 days ago

Great, is it possible to add filename to search in browse missing file dialog box. Thank you.

vincent, 6 days ago

Vincent, the name of the missing file is displayed in the message box.

In this example, it can't find the file elm.obj.

Click YES and move to the folder where it can be found.

michiel, 6 days ago

What Vincent is saying is that, after clicking YES, while browsing for the file, you can't see the filename. In Sony Vegas it shows you the filename it is searching for.

lightads, 6 days ago

Of course but as Lightads saids once you click YES you can't see any more filename, and when you don't have a lot of memory like me it's sometimes annoying. The message box you show in your capture disappears as soon as you click on a button, it does not stay behind the missing dialog box.

vincent, 6 days ago

If a file name has a funny name I just can't remember, I'll take a screen grab snapshot of it so I don't forget.

Decentralized, 6 days ago

Aha, I see!

Yes, the name of the missing file can be printed in the file dialog's title bar. Thank you for your request.

michiel, 6 days ago

Encore un ensemble extraordinaire ! C'est Fantastique ! Merci Michiel !🤩🤩🤩

Alex-Raymond T., 5 days ago

Thank you michiel, this simple change will help.

vincent, 5 days ago

Thank you for this wonderful download, Michiel.
Got it all working, with the screeching tires and everything.

Decentralized, 5 days ago

Une descente vertigineuse qui a de la hauteur !

PAT67, 4 days ago

What a super show! Thank s lot, Michiel!

Ulli, 2 days ago

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