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michiel | a year ago | 14 comments | 11 likes | 880 views

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In version, the Special\WireframePlus effect has an FX DETAIL property.

With this prop you can control the number of lines independent of the global quality setting. It works in the text, vector and picture layers.

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This is how the WireframePlus effect looks like applied to a robotic arm layer.

michiel, a year ago


vincent, a year ago


chaver, a year ago

Great addition!

Filip, a year ago

Michiel, i tried the new filter on some .obj (robot arm, etc...) but FX detail have no effect, and on text "NEW" values 0 and 1 have no difference only with value 2 there is a change (same thing with the different quality setting parameter), what's wrong ?

vincent, a year ago

I tried it on a Sketch layer and this effect works on the sketch layer, but the Details slider has no effect. And you have to use a pensize of 10.

But it is beautiful. Every option of the Sketch layer style 1 give another figure. This is the square style.
Oh, and the sketch is a simple line. When you use a more complex sketch layer there seems to be no room for more details

Maybe we can built the Eiffel tower.

Filip, a year ago

When you have a Text layer with this effect on the detail level 2 and you let it explode it jumps to a lower level detail before exploding.

Filip, a year ago

Vincent, the FX DETAIL prop only works in the text, vector and picture layers.

This is because the models of those layer are generated by BluffTitler.

The model and robotic arm layers do not generate a model, but simply load the model from a model file (OBJ or X). For this reason there's less control.

michiel, a year ago

It's getting better and better... Thanks for this cool feature.

Thor5ten, a year ago

Awesome !!!!Michiel!

liuyongcai, a year ago

Thank you Michiel!Awesome!

LostBoyz, a year ago

Great add!

Ulli, a year ago

Very nice!

steveg, a year ago

Cool 👍🏻

gato@mo, a year ago

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