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michiel | 8 years ago | 17 comments | 14 likes | 6,416 views

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It took far too long for a company called Outerspace Software, but today we have our templates from outer space!

The Space pack offers 30 space templates: earth, moon, exoplanets, ice planets, magma planets, meteors and nebulae.

All texts and pictures can be replaced with your own. All templates can be rendered in any resolution up to full HD and higher.

It was super fun creating the templates, we hope you will have as much fun using them!

For more info and a nice introduction discount, click on the above screenshot.

Thank you for making this new pack possible. Enjoy!

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Wonderful Space pack !!! thank you very much for taking me long journey into Outer"Space",
very realistic and awesome experience when i watch the promo video and Great fun with the
templates too....i really enjoyed the pack....

I really Like the new Effects... Earth, Atmosphere and CityLights.
Great job by Carlos and Michiel.

Dani, 8 years ago

Thank you Dani!!!

michiel, 8 years ago

Great job by Carlos and Michiel.

liuyongcai, 8 years ago

Great pack indeed with nice space landscapes.

vincent, 8 years ago

AWESOME Pack! Congratulation!

LostBoyz, 8 years ago

Absolute Wonderful and Amazing Bixpack!

Carlos did a great job and the rest of the Blufftitler team under Michiel's direction was on par.
Especially with the new displacement (heightmap 16 bit feature) effect.

It reminded me of the star trek end credits, which cost a whole lot more to make in man hours and production.

Great job, this Bixpack took me really into Outerspace!

komies, 8 years ago

Yes all this credits could be done with BT and its new effects for cheaper.

vincent, 8 years ago

Terrific!! Better than NASA's CGI LOL

Vanlen, 8 years ago

Un fantástico paquete, felicidades a todo el equipo

persiana, 8 years ago

Thank you all for your enthusiastic feedback!

michiel, 8 years ago

Tremendously fun Pack!!! Bix has much to explore!

IntroChamp, 8 years ago

I like Scifi so I like this Bixpack 20. So cool.
Thnx for sharing this with us Michiel.

Filip, 8 years ago

Thank you all for the comments, if you have any suggestions or questions some tips
let us know.

greetings :)

Carlos Marques, 8 years ago

Amazing Pack! One of best pack since now!!!

ID Production, 8 years ago

just bought it :-) excellent

maggiau, 8 years ago

Thank you!

michiel, 8 years ago

Great Pack....okay, best pack in my personal view!

mmissinglink, 8 years ago

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