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Backflipboy | 6 years ago | 12 comments | 2 likes | 3,291 views

jopin and julio solano like this!

Is there a downloadable version of the User Guide in PDF format available ?

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The user guide is only available online:

michiel, 6 years ago

Will it ever be made available, I prefer to have a printed copy to reference while I'm learning about the software.

Backflipboy, 6 years ago

We have no plans to create a printable version of the user guide.

michiel, 6 years ago

That is a pity, as I am of the "older generation" who prefers to sit and read a manual, as i find it helps me to get to grips a little faster with the program.

Ah well, Thanks michiel, for your patience.

Backflipboy, 6 years ago

Kev, you could print the web help pages to PDF? bit of a job, but would allow you to keep reference and print or bring up on screen.

I suppose it makes some sense not to have a manual as such because the updates would be a nightmare to keep up with, additionally there is a lot in the gallery to learn about as you see shows and effects that weren't even thought of at the time of creation.

I tend to keep a notepad handy now and jot down my findings or notes on new effects when experimenting.



Pixelpanther, 6 years ago

Bob,was looking at doing the same thing, great minds think alike, fools seldom differ etc ...... :-)

How did the gig go ?

Backflipboy, 6 years ago

:( Long story - never got to go in the end.... Still, I swallowed my disappointment and stayed in and did some more playing with BluffTitler so I guess it wasn't all wasted.....

Maybe I should get my own rig ;) lol

Pixelpanther, 6 years ago

Just used foxit PDF printer to download all the help pages and now going to spent the rest of the afternoon sorting it into one PDF ....... All fun here :-)

Backflipboy, 6 years ago

:) cool... I'm sure it will come in useful if even just to glance as you go :)

You know if you're stuck you can always gimme a shout too :) I'll help if I can.

Pixelpanther, 6 years ago

Cheers Bob, it's much appreciated.

Backflipboy, 6 years ago

You're very welcome anytime :)

Nice that BluffTitler makes new friends for people too :)

Pixelpanther, 6 years ago

I would like a downloadable version of the help file too.

I am not on line 24/7, so if I get stuck I have to get my trusty wireless modem out and get connected. A big hassle.

Oh well...

John P.

jopin, 6 years ago

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