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Hi Bluffy-Fans,

here is my new BT-Animation: the Tile-Text-Effect.

Download media files (219.7 KB)

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I like the effect and the clever way it was achieved.

I can see how you used the filmstrip to animate the effect. Can you elaborate a little on how you created each of the three frames?


kf_daddy, 12 years ago

Hi Joe,

I have made the effect with the program "Photo-Impact".
It is very easy to do.

Write a text of your choice and duplicate it. Then fill the text with a color course.
Note: change the color course for every duplicate a little!

Apply the tile-effect (is contained in Photo-Impact) on the text.

Thats all.

Oh boy - I think, my english is an disaster. :)

Ulli, 12 years ago

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