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MrGruntHunter | 5 years ago | 9 comments | 1,200 views

You helped me add musical notes to a particle layer when I was having problems making them completely transparent without having the notes appear within individual square blocks. I'm playing with your DEMO show that has the speaker boxes in it and trying to have musical notes come out of the speakers by adding a particle layer and then changing the texture to the music note images. I converted the .jpg image into a .png file but the background still shows up.

My questions is how can I find past comments where you have helped me out without bothering you with repeated questions. I'm not sure but I may have posted the question under someone else's posted comment. :-(

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You mean like these:

3502 Using the Traced Picture Layer MrGruntHunter 16 - 395 February 3rd 2015
3503 Changing text position MrGruntHunter 3 - 191 February 16th 2015
3504 HELP us 'newbees' and graphically c... MrGruntHunter 12 3 325 March 10th 2015
3505 Flames for Text MrGruntHunter 3 - 155 May 1st 2015
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3507 Special audio effect ? MrGruntHunter 5 - 154 June 4th 2015
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3509 How to cleanly remove backgrounds ? MrGruntHunter 3 - 128 August 1st 2015
3510 FLASHES PER SECOND property MrGruntHunter 4 - 101 August 3rd 2015
3511 Codec and Encoder choices MrGruntHunter 4 - 82 August 13th 2015
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3513 How to locate past comments MrGruntHunter 0 - 7 August 17th 2015

It can be found on the community page on the right below:

Text browser
View all articles

You can even sort them.

komies, 5 years ago

Many Thanks Komies,
I was overlooking that. That finds all the comments I started but what about a comment I may have initiated within a another person's comment? I think Michiel had answered a question for me about bringing a musical note image (a *.png file) into a particle layer and having it show without a background. I thought a *.png image automatically showed up without a background. There's something I'm doing wrong but I just can't put my finger on the problem.

MrGruntHunter, 5 years ago

You can use the search box on the community page:

I filled it in for you: music note

In the second article named, door is your question about the music note
In the third article called, how to work with .png files, it has got the answer your looking for.

komies, 5 years ago

One of those articles mentioned this website ( ) so I checked it out last evening and solved my problem. They had quite a few different types of musical notes without backgrounds that I've been able to download and use. Thanks so much for taking your time to help me. Not being a real creative graphic artist I am really struggling trying to learn how to use this program. When I look at what you guys are creating I am astonished at the amount of work involved in getting all your different layers to flow smoothly together. I truly miss your tutorial shows. They were extremely helpful for me anyway. I know they were a lot of work to produce but maybe you could do a whole series and put them on a DVD to sell. I would certainly buy one :-) What would really be helpful is for someone to run a screen recorder while they created a few steps, especially how to create and work with .eps files and layers.
Many Thanks Again.

MrGruntHunter, 5 years ago

You are welcome,

One of the most fun I have with blufftitler is to experiment and try to figure things out and to come up with creative solutions to at that point barriers.

I would not take that away especially that feeling when something works or comes together, so I rather give tips and pointers to get you on your way.

I tried to teach, but I require participation. The willingness to put time and effort into learning is what I miss.

I am still willing to teach if there are at least 4 people and the willingness to do "homework". See my post on this in the link.

komies, 5 years ago

it is interesting that there are still people who selflessly give their time to teach others.
I am one of those who for years attempted selflessly offer what I know of this program in a forum speaking.
So glad to see that there is still people like you and me.
Thank you for sharing knowledge

B.Projects, 5 years ago

To bad we all couldn't get together for a 'retreat' or have a BT convention :-).
I still have tons of questions and still get frustrated enough at times that I have to get up and walk away. You guys can't imagine how much your help is appreciated. I'm reluctant to be posting a lot of what everyone probably think are real basic's questions so I try to minimize them as much as possible. Without all of your patience and help with my questions I would have quit using BT a long time ago.

MrGruntHunter, 5 years ago

this is of earlier versions, but perhaps helps to understand the depth situations working with BluffTitler

B.Projects, 5 years ago

second part

B.Projects, 5 years ago

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