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B.Projects | 5 years ago | 5 comments | 7 likes | 1,388 views

Ulli, michiel, crispin and 4 others like this!

walking bix cfx aplicado a un gato .

Michiel se debería trabajar un poco mas sobre este cfx y hacer algunos mas que den movilidad a los objetos .

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Fantastico y maravilloso. Felicidades.

Jesus, 5 years ago

Good results. An application with interface to generate cfx would be great, i know it is not very easy to organise the interface because we need to list all properties:
Textures role -> color/reflection/displacement/cubemap
Texture prop ->size/rotation/speed ...
Bending-> points coordinates/rotation/size
light-> additive/substractive/normal
...and many others i can't imagine.

Its a great challenge!

vincent, 5 years ago

Excelente Roque, ya veo que pronto vamos a ver toda clase de modelos 3d moviéndose.

persiana, 5 years ago

Thank you for your comments.
I hope that Michiel for Christmas gift we bring new cfx to have fun with them ☺☺☺.
Persiana ... como me conoces no se te escapa nada jejejeje

B.Projects, 5 years ago

cool walk.

Dani, 5 years ago

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