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Eddy | 12 years ago | 2 comments | 1 like | 2,358 views

julio solano likes this!

In the horizontal axis, the 4 pictures are right. In the vertical axis, the picture beside the cube comes upside
down. What can I do to solve this little problem. Eddy

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I made a strip with 6 pictures to create a cube and they all came out right side up so I'm not sure I understand your problem.

but . . . .

When you make the original file with the 6 pictures, turn the problem picture 180. Then it should be right side up on the cube.

But the cube can be rotated in 3D space in any direction so you should be able to orient any of the photos in any direction.

kf_daddy, 12 years ago

When you turn a cube 180 degrees horizontally, the back shows up normally.

But when you turn the same cube 180 degrees vertically, the back shows up upside down.

That's how it works in the 3D world we're living in. It would be an amazing discovery if you could find a cube that does not behave like this. This would be like finding a bug in God's source code. Or a proof that we are living in The Matrix!!!

If you want you can cheat by using 2 cubes and exchange them halfway the rotation (by making the other invisible) I wonder how many peope will notice that it's an impossible cube...

michiel, 12 years ago

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